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The Avant Gardeners were a new wave[1] band influenced by 1960s psychedelic rock, originally from Okehampton, Devon,[2] but soon moving to London, England, formed in 1977, initially as The Avant Gardener.[3]

The Avant Gardener's line-up was initially Russell Murch (vocals, guitar), Martin Sanders (guitar), Nigel Rae (bass), and Mike Kelly (drums). Their first release was a self-titled EP on Virgin Records in 1977, after which they split up. Two tracks from the EP were included on Virgin's new wave showcase compilation Guillotine.[4] Murch reformed the band in 1980 as The Avant Gardeners, with new musicians Mike Roberts (guitar) and Rob Hill (bass), along with a series of guest drummers. More popular in continental Europe than their home country, the new line-up released two albums, 1980's Dig It and 1984's The Church of the Inner Cosmos on the Italian Appaloosa label, and a 7-inch EP, before again splitting.[3]



  • The Avant Gardener EP (1977) Virgin
  • "Deadwood Stage" (1983) Speed


  • Dig It (1980) Appaloosa
  • The Church of the Inner Cosmos (1984) Appaloosa



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