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The most famous[according to whom?] place in Brazzaville (the capital city of Congo) is the Avenue Matsoua.

It is named after one of the imperialist Congolese Andre Grenard Matsoua. He was the first small airport in the last years before the independence of Congo. Located in the arrondissement 2 "Bacongo", the Avenue Matsoua is the place of demonstration of the Sapers. The place became famous in 1960, when the first Congolese students came back from Paris with beautiful clothes such as CASAKA, MPOUYOUNGOU, and CLOCHARD. Several movements of Sapologie (the science which studies Sap and plays by Sapelogue) takes place. The avenue in which several conflicts of beautiful sapers are traited by demonstrating the good clothes, and the secret of the three Colours of Sap. On his own, it shelters the Bar BABA BOUM, the Cinema Rio and the others. Many of Congolese living in Europe (specially in France) come to celebrate and to defeat others Sapers.

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