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The BOBs (Best of the Blogs) is the world’s largest international weblog competition, founded in 2004 and sponsored by Deutsche Welle, the German International Broadcasting Service.

Through the BOBs, Deutsche Welle focuses attention on the promotion of freedom of information and the press around the world. In cooperation with Reporters Without Borders, Deutsche Welle has presented a special award to bloggers promoting these specific ideals since 2005.

Weblogs, podcasts and videoblogs from all over the world can be submitted for the BOBs in one of the following 14 languages: Arabic, Chinese, German, English, French, Indonesian, Persian, Bengali, Portuguese, Russian, Turkish, Ukrainian, Hindi and Spanish.

Award categories[edit]

The BOBs consist of 6 prize categories (all languages) and one award in each language of the competition (14 languages).

How the competition works[edit]

The BOBs presents prizes for both Jury and User's Choice awards. The User's Choice winners are chosen by worldwide online voting. The Jury prizes are awarded by a jury of international bloggers.


The Blogopedia is an online catalogue featuring a growing inventory of blogs written in eleven languages. It allows the user to browse through the catalog by country, language or subject matter.

To date over 18,000 different blogs, podcasts and videoblogs have been entered into the Blogopedia by users and bloggers from all over the world.


List of winners year by year:[1]


Award Jury Award User Award
Best Weblog 18摸狗日报 Por um Punhado de Pixels
Best Topic El Hombre Que Comía Diccionarios Estraga Filmes
Best Design La malarosa Замок-блог Эргэла, Северного Дракона
Best Innovation Domino - Cover by Cover Radio RSS
Best Weblog in German medienrauschen BILDblog
Best Weblog in Arabic Beyond Normal
Best Weblog in Chinese 18摸狗日报 声色犬马-平客的虚无笔记
Best Weblog in Spanish Periodistas 21
Best Weblog in English Lawrence Lessig Blog Editor: Myself
Best Weblog in Portuguese Ponto Media Ricardo Noblat
Best Weblog in Russian Блог журналистки Наташи Мозговой Time O'Clock


Award Jury Award User Award
Best Weblog Más respeto, que soy tu madre Tupiniquim
Best Multimedia Blog Blog à la ciboulette Blog à la ciboulette
Best Podcast Antiwave Antiwave
Reporters Without Borders Award Manal and Alaa's Bit Bucket Chronique déplaisante d'une dictature ordinaire
Best Weblog in Arabic Hawleyat Al Ashjar Nisrine coeur de lion
Best Weblog in Chinese Massage Cream 刀侧畔千帆过
Best Weblog in English Global Voices Online Body and Soul
Best Weblog in French AgoraVox, le journal media citoyen Lire est un plaisir
Best Weblog in German Lyssa's Lounge Riesenmaschine - das brandneue Universum
Best Weblog in Farsi san newescht Iran Paparazzi
Best Weblog in Portuguese NoMínimo Weblog Kibe Loco
Best Weblog in Russian Planet Afghanistan Planet Afghanistan
Best Weblog in Spanish Jabalí Digital Caspa TV


Award Jury Award User Award
Best Weblog Sunlight Foundation Lisa Neun
Best Podcast Muzimei Studio Haftegi
Best Corporate Weblog Football-Club Blog do Tas
Reporters Without Borders Award Tanine Sokut y Kosoof (two awards) Blog da Alcinéa Cavalcante
Blogwurst Award aref-adib Unusual Real Man
Best Weblog in Arabic Jar el Kamar Nostalgic Story Teller
Best Weblog in Chinese The Colourful World - Shuweicao's Blog The Colourful World - Shuweicao's Blog
Best Weblog in Dutch Bureau Belgrado Bieslog
Best Weblog in English Black Looks
Best Weblog in French La Buvette des Alpages La Buvette des Alpages
Best Weblog in German Letters from Rungholt Beetlebum
Best Weblog in Farsi Zeitun n/d
Best Weblog in Portuguese Apocalipse Motorizado Garotas Que Dizem Ni
Best Weblog in Russian Magazeta: All about China Magazeta: All about China
Best Weblog in Spanish La Huella Digital Mangas Verdes


Award Jury Award User Award
Best Weblog Fotomania Blog do Tas
Best Podcast Die Gefühlskonserve Nerdcast
Best Vídeoblog Alive in Baghdad Cat Ear Baby's Videoblog
Reporters Without Borders Award Jotman Nora Younis
Blogwurst Award Little Galerie Yo contra el mundo
Best Weblog in Arabic Aljazeera Talk Imtidad
Best Weblog in Chinese Lian Yue's Eighth Continent Lian Yue's Eighth Continent
Best Weblog in Dutch Frankwatching Volkskrantblog
Best Weblog in English Valour-IT RidorLive
Best Weblog in French Actualités de la république démocratique du Congo
Best Weblog in German Behindertenparkplatz Bestatterweblog
Best Weblog in Farsi 35 Grad Masih
Best Weblog in Portuguese Blog do Tas Pensar Enlouquece, Pense Nisso
Best Weblog in Russian /dev/karlson/mind.log /dev/karlson/mind.log
Best Weblog in Spanish A mis 95 A mis 95


Award Jury Award User Award
Best Weblog Generation Y Science Squirrel
Best Podcast Radio Grinch Bola Nas Costas Iscuitantes
Best Videoblog Voices of Africa Videoblog do Trajano
Reporters Without Borders Award 曾金燕博客 and 4equality (two awards) Generation Y
Blogwurst Award Maratochka Mister Oof
Best Weblog in Arabic Ohod Vor der Flut
Best Weblog in Chinese 刘晓原的BLOG Science Squirrel
Best Weblog in Dutch Foodlog Free Opinion Venezuela
Best Weblog in English Political Party Blog The Consumerist
Best Weblog in French Le Blog de Yoro Vos photos
Best Weblog in German Mädchenmannschaft Naher und Mittlerer Osten – الشرق
Best Weblog in Indonesian Media Ide maseko's weblog
Best Weblog in Farsi freelancer Ich und MS
Best Weblog in Portuguese Querido Leitor Querido Leitor
Best Weblog in Russian MetroDream by Russos ##1244462644726369HNIOWAST##
Best Weblog in Spanish Bestiaria


Award Jury Award User Award
Best Weblog Ushahidi Osama Romoh
Best Podcast Cajun French Language Tutorials Radiokalu
Best Vídeoblog Mr. Free Man Malviviendo
Reporters Without Borders Award We are Journalists Holom Akhdar
Blogwurst Award Blogs do Além and Wake up, Mr. Green (two awards) Ibda3at
Special Topic Award - Climate Change Coluna Zero Ecoplaneta
Best Weblog in Arabic Osama Romoh Medad
Best Weblog in Bengali Ali Mahmeds Blog Ali Mahmeds Blog
Best Weblog in Chinese Ke Neng Ba Ke Neng Ba
Best Weblog in English Talk Marocco Talk Marocco
Best Weblog in French Le Monolecte La vigie du web
Best Weblog in German Der Postillon Der Postillon
Best Weblog in Indonesian Catatan Ringan Angin-anginan Catatan Dari Hati
Best Weblog in Farsi mamlekate (so just what kind of country is this that we live in) Life in Bamian
Best Weblog in Portuguese Física na Veia Digital Drops
Best Weblog in Russian
Best Weblog in Spanish La Vuelta al Mundo de Asun y Ricardo Malviviendo


Award Jury Award User Award
Best Weblog A Tunisian Girl Vahid Nikgoo y Jou3an (two awards)
Best Use Of Technology For Social Good Rospil Rospil
Best Social Activism Campaign We are all Khaled Said Omipial's Blog
Reporteros Sin Fronteras Award Ciudad Juárez, en la sombra del narcotráfico Blog Novaya Gazeta
Special Topic Award Human Rights Migrant Rights in the Middle East Indigenous Bengali Blog
Best Video Channel Stands with Fist Isla Presidencial
Best Weblog in Arabic Violet Revolution
Best Weblog in Bengalí Arif Jebtik's Blog
Best Weblog in Chinase Translator
Best Weblog in English Rantings of a Sandmonkey
Best Weblog in French Serious Game (Belgique)
Best Weblog in German Textilvergehen
Best Weblog in Indonesian Benablog
Best Weblog in Farsi Sulgar
Best Weblog in Portuguese Vá de bike
Best Weblog in Russian Navalny
Best Weblog in Spanish Alberto Montt


Award Jury Award User Award
Best Weblog Window of Anguish Jou3an
Best Use Of Technology For Social Good Harassmap Web Nabludatel
Best Social Activism Campaign Free Razan Asif Mohiuddin's Blog[2][3]
Premio Reporteros Sin Fronteras Abu Sufian's Blog Woeser
Best Video Channel Kuang Kuang Internautismo crónico
Special Topic Award Education and Culture Fasokan Grazhdanin Poet
Best Weblog in Arabic Khaled Safi
Best Weblog in Bengali Niaz Mowla's Blog
Best Weblog in Chinese iGFW
Best Weblog in English The Chronikler
Best Weblog in French Kamer Kongossa
Best Weblog in German Jule's Blog
Best Weblog in Indonesian Wordsmith
Best Weblog in Farsi Narenji
Best Weblog in Portuguese Music With Books
Best Weblog in Russian Staskulesh
Best Weblog in Spanish Chinochano

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