The Babaloos

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The Babaloos is a 1990s Canadian animated series produced by Cinar (now Cookie Jar Entertainment). Most of the male characters were voiced by Bruce Dinsmore. The series aired on the children's variety show, Small World on Sunday mornings on Cartoon Network from 1996 to 1999.


The show is about a group of kitchen appliances and other anthropomorphic household items that live in a suburban house. They are apparently nocturnal, being asleep in the day and awake in the night. Among these characters are staunch Mrs. Fork, gentle Spoon, cheerful Mr. Bowl, curious Baby Towel, his caring mother Mommy Towel, and adventurous and intelligent Pencil. In each episode, they encounter an everyday problem that they must conquer before the boy in the house (Kevin, who is mostly heard and rarely seen) wakes up after Mr. Alarm Clock warns all the household items to go back to their places before the boy wakes up in the morning. Of course, due to their small sizes and limitations, these problems are much harder to solve than they normally are.