The Bachelor (season 12)

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The Bachelor: London Calling
Country of origin United States
No. of episodes 9 (including 1 special)
Original channel ABC
Original release March 17, 2008 (2008-03-17) – May 12, 2008 (2008-05-12)
Season chronology
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Season 11
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Season 13
Season summary

The Bachelor: Season 12 (also known as The Bachelor: London Calling) is the twelfth season of ABC reality television series The Bachelor. The season premiere aired on March 17, 2008. The show features British bachelor, Matt Grant and making the first bachelor outside of North America, counting 25 women from the United States.

This was the final season to be aired in 90 minutes.


Biographical information according to ABC official series site, plus footnoted additions

Name Age Hometown Occupation Eliminated
Shayne Lamas[1] 22 Malibu, CA Actress Winner
Chelsea Wanstrath[1] 25 Durango, CO Pharmaceutical sales rep. Week 8
Amanda Rantuccio[1] 27 Niceville, FL Account Executive Week 7
Noelle Drake[2] 26 Loveland, CO Photographer Week 6
Marshana Ritchie[3] 27 Brooklyn, NY Fashion designer Week 5
Robin Canfield[3] 22 Holland, MI Advertising coordinator Week 5
Ashlee Williss[4] 22 Jacksonville Beach, FL Singer-songwriter Week 4
Kelly 25 Hollywood, CA Medical sales rep. Week 4
Holly Durst[5][6] 24 Suffield, OH Children's book author Week 4
Erin S. 33 Venice, CA Hot-dog vendor Week 3
Amy 22 Stockton, CA Nanny Week 3
Kristine Heffelfinger[7] 33 Dillsburg, PA Personal trainer Week 3
Michelle 28 Syracuse, NY Administrative assistant Week 2
Carri Perrier[8][9] 25 Oklahoma City, OK Church marketing rep. Week 2
Erin Harper[10][11] 25 Seattle, WA Event planner Week 2
Alyssa 24 Boise, ID Biology student Week 1
Amanda Petterman[12] 26 LaFollette, TN Law student Week 1
Denise 30 Washington, D.C Attorney and former White House aide Week 1
Devon 24 Austin, TX Makeup artist Week 1
Lesley Geyer[13] 23 Tampa, FL Youth minister Week 1
Michele 33 Laguna Niguel, CA Interior designer Week 1
Rebecca 30 Alamo, CA Attorney Week 1
Stacey Elza[14] 26 Chicago, IL Graduate student Week 1
Tamara 23 Beverly Hills, CA Cocktail waitress Week 1
Tiffany 33 San Francisco, CA Real estate marketing rep. Week 1

Future appearances[edit]

Holly Durst returned in the second season of Bachelor Pad, and won that season alongside Bachelor Nation alumnus Michael Stagliano.

Call-Out Order[edit]

# Bachelorettes Episode
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
1 Amanda R. Amanda R. Ashlee Holly Chelsea Shayne Shayne Shayne Shayne
2 Amy Chelsea Chelsea Robin Amanda R. Noelle Amanda R. Chelsea Chelsea
3 Devon Shayne Robin Shayne Marshana Chelsea Chelsea Amanda R.
4 Kristine Michelle P. Holly Amanda R. Shayne Amanda R. Noelle
5 Chelsea Marshana Erin S. Ashlee Robin Marshana
6 Erin H. Ashlee Amanda R. Kelly Noelle Robin
7 Kelly Noelle Kelly Chelsea Holly
8 Rebecca Erin S. Amy Noelle Kelly
9 Denise Amy Kristine Marshana Ashlee
10 Erin S. Kristine Marshana Erin S.
11 Robin Robin Noelle Amy
12 Ashlee Kelly Shayne Kristine
13 Alyssa Carri Erin H.
14 Michelle P. Holly Carri
15 Shayne Erin H. Michelle P.
16 Marshana Alyssa
17 Amanda P. Amanda P.
18 Tamara Denise
19 Holly Devon
20 Tiffany Lesley
21 Carri Michele R.
22 Stacey Rebecca
23 Lesley Stacey
24 Michele R. Tamara
25 Noelle Tiffany
     The contestant received the first impression rose.
     The contestant was eliminated at the rose ceremony.
     The contestant received a rose on a one-on-one date.
     The contestant received a rose on a group date.
     The contestant was on a group date.
     The contestant went on a group date and was eliminated at the rose ceremony.
     The contestant received a rose on a two-on-one date.
     The contestant was eliminated on a two-on-one date.
     The contestant was on a one-on-one date.
     The contestant won the competition.

Episodes (dates)[edit]

Week 1[edit]

Week 2[edit]

Week 3[edit]

Week 4[edit]

Week 5[edit]

Week 6[edit]

Week 7[edit]

Week 8 (Finale)[edit]

Matt Grant[edit]

Matt Grant

He is an English financier and business development manager from London and worked at Lombard Asset Finance (RBS) in Cambridge for three years before moving to London.[citation needed] Grant received a B.A. in modern history and politics from Anglia Ruskin University in Cambridge.[citation needed]


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