The Bachelorette (season 15)

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The Bachelorette (season 15)
The Bachelorette S15 poster.jpg
Promotional poster
StarringHannah Brown
Country of originUnited States
No. of episodes7
Original networkABC
Original releaseMay 13, 2019 (2019-05-13) –
Season chronology
← Previous
Season 14

The fifteenth season of The Bachelorette premiered on May 13, 2019. This season features Hannah Brown, a 24-year-old interior designer from Tuscaloosa, Alabama. Brown was crowned Miss Alabama USA 2018 and represented Alabama at Miss USA 2018.

Brown was a contestant on the 23rd season of The Bachelor featuring Colton Underwood. She went on to place seventh overall. Brown is the first Bachelorette lead to not have placed in the top four of a season of The Bachelor.

Filming and development[edit]


Brown was named as the bachelorette during the After the Final Rose special of Season 23 of The Bachelor on March 12, 2019.

On March 21, 2019, filming was first spotted at Newport, Rhode Island and several reports are seen filming in Boston, Massachusetts a week later.[1][2] Production crews have also reported in Inverness, Scotland, United Kingdom at MacGregor's Bar nestling over River Ness[3] and Gouda and The Hague in the Netherlands.[4][5] In addition to them, the season will also include visits in Latvia and Greece. Appearances for this season are runway model J. Alexander, RuPaul's Drag Race drag queens Alyssa Edwards and Alaska, actors Jason Biggs and Jenny Mollen, Danish pop band Lukas Graham, American country singer Jake Owen and Boston Celtics basketball players Jaylen Brown and Terry Rozier.[6]

Casting and contestants[edit]

The cast includes Connor Jenkins, the son of journalist Nancy Loo; and Daron Blaylock, the son of retired NBA basketball player Mookie Blaylock.[citation needed]


The season initially began with 33 contestants on March 14, 2019 prior to begin filming. In the actual cast announcement almost two months later, they have a final count of 30 contestants on the first night.[7]

Name Age Hometown Occupation Outcome Place Ref
Connor Saeli[8] 24 Dallas, Texas Investment Analyst Participating
Garrett Powell[9] 27 Homewood, Alabama Golf Pro
Jed Wyatt[10] 25 Sevierville, Tennessee Singer/Songwriter
Luke Parker[11] 24 Gainesville, Georgia Import/Export Manager
Mike Johnson[8] 31 San Antonio, Texas Portfolio Manager
Peter Weber[12] 27 Westlake Village, California Pilot
Tyler Cameron[13] 26 Jupiter, Florida General Contractor
Dustin Kendrick[14] 30 Chicago, Illinois Real Estate Broker Week 6 8-9 [15]
Dylan Barbour[16] 24 San Diego, California Tech Entrepreneur
Devin Harris[17] 27 Sherman Oaks, California Talent Manager Week 5 10–12 [18]
Grant Eckel 30 San Clemente, California Unemployed
Kevin Fortenberry[19] 27 Manteno, Illinois Behavioral Health Specialist
John Paul Jones[20] 24 Lanham, Maryland Financial Analyst Week 4 13–14 [21]
Matteo Valles[22] 25 Atlanta, Georgia Management Consultant
Luke Stone[23] 29 Marion, Massachusetts Political Consultant 15 (quit)
Cameron "Cam" Ayala[24] 30 Austin, Texas Software Sales Week 3 16–18 [25]
Joey Jones[26] 33 Bethesda, Maryland Finance Manager
Jonathan Saunders[27] 27 Los Angeles, California Server
Tyler Gwozdz[28] 28 Boca Raton, Florida Psychology Graduate Student 19 (DQ)
Connor Jenkins[29] 28 Newport Beach, California Sales Manager Week 2 20–22 [30]
Daron Blaylock[31] 25 Buckhead, Georgia IT Consultant
Matthew Spraggins 23 Newport Beach, California Car Bid Spotter
Brian Bowles[32] 30 Louisville, Kentucky Math Teacher Week 1 23–29 [33]
Chasen Coscia[34] 27 Ann Arbor, Michigan Pilot
Hunter Jones[35] 24 Westchester, California Pro Surfer
Joe Barsano[19] 30 Chicago, Illinois The Box King
Matt Donald[36] 26 Los Gatos, California Medical Device Salesman
Ryan Spirko[37] 25 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Roller Boy
Thomas Staton[34] 27 Detroit, Michigan International Pro Basketball Player
Scott Andersen[19] 28 Chicago, Illinois Software Sales Executive 30

Future appearances[edit]

Bachelor in Paradise[edit]

Season 6

Cameron "Cam" Ayala, Kevin Fortenberry, and John Paul Jones will compete in the sixth season of Bachelor in Paradise.[38]

Call-out order[edit]

Order Bachelors Episode / Week
1501 1502 1503 1504/1505 1505/1505B 1506 1507
1 2 3 4 5 6 7
1 Garrett Cam [a] Jed Mike Jed Mike Garrett
2 Mike Luke P. Tyler G. Connor S. Garrett Jed Tyler C.
3 Jed Mike Dustin Peter Tyler C. Connor S. Peter
4 Tyler C. Connor S. Tyler C. Jed Peter Tyler C. Jed
5 Dylan Matthew Garrett Tyler C. Connor S. Dustin Mike
6 Connor S. Connor J. Devin Dustin Dylan Peter Connor S.
7 Devin Jed Connor S. Dylan Dustin Dylan Luke P.
8 John Paul Jones Dustin Luke P. Grant Mike Garrett Dylan
9 Brian Joey Dylan Luke P. Kevin Luke P.
10 Scott Devin Luke S. Garrett Devin Devin
11 Matteo Peter Mike John Paul Jones Grant
12 Daron Dylan Peter Matteo Luke P.
13 Tyler G. Matteo Kevin Devin John Paul Jones
14 Thomas Jonathan Jonathan Luke S.
15 Matthew Tyler C. Joey Kevin Luke S.
16 Joe Tyler G. Matteo Cam
17 Joey Daron John Paul Jones
18 Connor J. Luke S. Grant
19 Ryan Garrett Cam Tyler G.[b]
20 Hunter Grant Connor J.
21 Grant Kevin
22 Jonathan John Paul Jones
23 Kevin Brian
24 Luke P.
25 Luke S.
26 Dustin
27 Cam
28 Matt
29 Chasen
30 Peter Scott
     The contestant received a first impression rose
     The contestant received a rose during the date
     The contestant did not receive a rose during the date but was safe
     The contestant was eliminated
     The contestant was eliminated during the date
     The contestant was eliminated outside the rose ceremony
     The contestant disqualified from the competition
     The contestant quit the competition
     The contestant won the competition
  1. ^ Cam already got his first impression rose during The Bachelor season finale entitled After the Final Rose.
  2. ^ Prior to the start of Episode 3, Tyler G. was disqualified (removed) from the show by producers after accusations regarding inappropriate behavior in past relationships emerged online.[39]


No. in
TitleOriginal air dateProd.
U.S. viewers
1601"Week 1: Season Premiere"May 13, 2019 (2019-05-13)15014.78[40]1.4/6[40]
Season 15 begins with Hannah at Westlake Village Inn as she was surprised by her The Bachelor castmates Demi Burnett and Katie Morton to give a champagne toast. Hannah's journey begins later that night at the mansion. Connor S. jumps over the fence; John Paul Jones calls him under his eponymous name; a package of box arrives at the mansion that Hannah sees it was a bit shocked as Joe was the one smashed the box; Joey presents a baby basket that contains a wine to make a toast; Ryan rides on rollerskates; Jonathan presents a box of pizza where he mimics Hannah a proposal; Luke P. climbs up over the limousine and growls his roar to Hannah; Cam, who has already have his first impression rose during the season finale of The Bachelor throws a bouquet of roses; Matt drives on a tractor and Peter presents a wing pin. Once they are all inside, Connor J. calls Hannah on a bachelorette party game to play bouncing tennis balls and at the end, Connor J. wears her a crown. Scott shows his blueprint designs to Hannah on her impression being as an interior designer. Midway through the first night, Demi and Katie show up outside the mansion to watch Hannah and the guys on a surveillance scene, Demi has learned that Scott has a girlfriend back home where she gets a warning to Hannah, Chris Harrison called Hannah over to tell the news about Scott. When Hannah comes back at the mansion, she calls Scott over for a talk about his compliance with a relationship a few days before the start of the show. Hannah tells Scott that he is not here with the right reasons and she sends him home. Luke P. gets the first impression rose. At the rose ceremony, Brian, Chasen, Hunter, Joe, Matt, Ryan and Thomas are sent home.
1612"Week 2"May 20, 2019 (2019-05-20)15024.52[41]1.2/5[41]
The first group date for the season began with Grant, Luke S., Mike, Jed, Jonathan, John Paul Jones, Dylan, and Luke P. as they are headed to the Belasco Theater. Inside, Hannah brings with drag queens Alyssa Edwards and Alaska along with runway coach J. Alexander to judge at the Mr. Right pageant with Chris emceeing the event. The men show off in men's swimwear and the talent portion. Mike walks around in heels, Jed sings a song on a guitar, and Luke P. declares on his love with Hannah. Upon hearing this Hannah is smitten with Luke P. Luke P. wins the Mr. Right pageant. At the night portion, the men have questioned Luke P.'s sincerity about his statement. Mike going so far as to say that Luke P. is just here to "win". Jed gets the first group date rose. Tyler G. has the first one-on-one date for the season, Hannah sees him when a helicopter lands down at the mansion. Upon arriving at San Gabriel Mountains, they have racing on a muddy ATV course. While they are cuddling on a couch, Hannah opens up on the pressure of having the first one on one as she did on Colton's season. During dinner, they discuss their future and Tyler G. gets the rose. Devin, Matteo, Daron, Connor J., Kevin, Dustin, Tyler C., Joey, Peter and Garrett are going on a second group date where they travel to a warehouse where they commence in a roller derby. Chris and Fred Willard are giving a judging commentary. Dustin shows up with his ankle got hurt and was quickly rushed to paramedics. In the after party, Cam; who didn't have a date this week, crashes the party to see Hannah. The rest of the men are not pleased to hear that Cam showed up. Tyler C., Garrett and Kevin all confront Cam about interrupting the date. Dustin gets the group date rose. At the cocktail party, Hannah enters and starts to cry saying "this is so hard." Cam brings a box of chicken nuggets and he invites Hannah and Kevin for a ceremony. Then, Kevin confronts Cam in the house where he is accusing him of being a control freak. Luke P. sets up a makeshift massage table, Hannah massages him that makes a really into good hands. Then, he takes his shirt off when Jed walks in between himself and Hannah. Jed makes a joke about the situation to make Hannah more comfortable. At the rose ceremony, Connor J., Daron, and Matthew are eliminated. Shortly afterwards, Luke P. goes to find Hannah during her interview where they begin to make out again.
1623"Week 3"May 27, 2019 (2019-05-27)15034.67[42]1.1/5[42]

Prior to the start of the episode, Tyler G. had to leave the show because of his inappropriate past relationships emerged online.[39]

Jonathan, Matteo, John Paul Jones, Kevin, Jed, Tyler C., Mike, and Cam are chosen for the first group date. The date was themed around the female reproductive system. The men put on clothespins nipples to simulate breastfeeding, and took care of a fake baby. The last activity simulated childbirth with a labor simulator. Jason Biggs and Jenny Mollen led these activities as the segment was inspired on the YouTube series The Try Guys. At the night portion, Jed got the first one-on-one of the night followed by Mike. Mike gets interrupted by Cam on three separate occasions. Jonathan interrupts Cam to get "revenge" to the point to where he got physical to prevent Cam from having further time. Mike gets the group date rose. Connor S. gets the one-on-one date of the episode. They were about to meet with Hannah to make their plans on a sailing date, when Hannah canceled the plan as she was feeling sick and passed out the night before, however she invited Connor S. to her home as she is progressing better. Connor S. leaves with notes put on a wall that he loves her. Later that night, Connor S. receives a rose and they dance to a private concert starring Lukas Graham. Luke P., Dylan, Garrett, Grant, Peter, Joey, Luke S., and Devin selected on the last group date that involved a photo shoot promoting The Secret Life of Pets 2. Professional photographer Franco Lacosta served as the creative director. Franco paired each guy with a "pet model". The Bachelor contestant and Hannah's friend Demi Burnett hired a makeup artist and an animal handler to flirt with the contestants and test the contestants while Hannah views from secret cameras placed. At the end of the photo shoot, Luke P. tried to "steal" Hannah but was turned down. Luke P. was pulled aside by Hannah to "slow his roll." However, he interrupts two different one-on-one time and both times he gets turned down by Hannah. Luke P. then tries to intercept a waiting Peter but gets turned down yet again. Peter gets the group date rose after Luke P. is once again pulled aside by Hannah to reiterate what she said earlier. The next day, Chris Harrison announces there will be no cocktail party and instead there will be a tailgate party. Cam talks to the other guys about talking to Hannah about a serious issue from his past, which the other guys do not appreciate. After Cam talks to Hannah, Mike confronts Hannah about Cam's supposed intentions. Cam gets pulled aside and gets confronted by Hannah and gets accused of being manipulative to try and get the "pity rose." Hannah declares that she needs "to think about it" and then goes and prepares for the rose ceremony. Cam, Joey, and Jonathan are eliminated.
1634"Week 4"June 3, 2019 (2019-06-03)15045.51[43]1.5/7[43]
With fifteen contestants remaining, Chris Harrison comes to announce that they will be traveling to Newport, Rhode Island. Jed receives the first international one-on-one date. They explore Boston, including sites like the Quincy Market. They explore and find a photo booth in which they take pictures in. At a restaurant named Cheers, they stop by and have drinks and are pressured to kiss by onlookers. They continue to explore Boston and stop in a park and eat ice cream from Halo Top Creamery and talk. They subsequently go to the Auerbach Center housing the Boston Celtics, a professional basketball team. Boston Celtics point guard, Terry Rozier and shooting guard, Jaylen Brown are there to greet them. They get changed into jerseys and Hannah teams with Brown and Jed teams with Rozier for a two-on-two twelve minute game. They take a break and Brown advises Hannah. The basketball players leave and Hannah and Jed play the basketball game named Love. At the dinner portion, Jed receives a rose. Dylan, Matteo, John Paul Jones, Connor, Garrett, Dustin, Devin, Grant, Peter, Kevin, Mike, Luke S., and Luke P. are chosen for the group date the following day. At the group date, they travel to Fort Adams housing the Newport Rugby Club, the "reigning champions of New England Rugby champs." The guys train with assumed members of the club. They split into two teams, Blue and Green, to play in front of a crowd. At half time with the score having Blue team leading 0-5, Kevin is transported to a hospital nearby due to a dislocated shoulder. The second half of the game, Green makes a comeback with all of the guys noticing Luke P.'s "over aggressiveness." At one point, Luke P. picks up Luke S. and slams him to the ground as a body slam and subsequently kneeing him in the head. The game finishes with Blue winning, 7-10. At the dinner portion of the date, Hannah first talks to Luke P. about the incident earlier. Luke P. claims that Luke S. started cussing at him and swinging at him with a clenched fist, and Hannah starts to doubt Luke P.‘s behavior. Hannah asks about any other previous instances and Luke P. claims it was only Luke S., he does mention that Luke S. only speaks about his liquor company and brand when Hannah is absent. Hannah returns Luke P. and grabs Luke S. to speak with him. Luke S. claims that him walking towards Luke P. was a passive motion. He mentions Luke P. being tempted into “throwing in the towel” from the previous episode because Hannah did not like him anymore, which assumedly is the first time Hannah has heard of this. Luke S urges Hannah to speak with other guys because "everyone has a 'thing' with [Luke P.]". Hannah mentions Luke S.' tequila company. Luke S. denies the claim and states that he is here for Hannah. Other one-on-one times happen and Hannah sees that many others have issues with Luke P. Kevin returns and joins the party with an agnioclaviculous jointsprain. The guys confront Luke P. A confrontation happens as Luke P. explains it was self-defense and Luke S. states it was passive. Many contestants walk away from the conversation. Garrett attempt to ease Hannah’s mind by telling her he is "crushing for [Hannah] hard." Luke S. walks off from the conversation leaving Luke P. alone. Garrett receives the group date rose for being vulnerable. Tyler C. receives the second one-on-one date and they go fishing as he comforts Hannah from a difficult previous night. Tyler receives the rose at the dinner portion of the date. They travel to the Jane Pickens Theater & Event Center where Jake Owen is hosting a public concert. The cocktail party is located at the Belcourt of Newport. Hannah makes a toast and Peter grabs Hannah. Peter asks Hannah if she can be his girlfriend ignoring the fact she is dating fourteen other guys. Hannah gladly accepts. Mike and Luke P. have a confrontation after Mike gets one-on-one time with Hannah, and the contestants deal with the fact Luke P. might get a rose. Luke S., meanwhile, worries he will not get a rose and goes to talk to Hannah about whether or not she believes that his intentions are good. Hannah states that she just needs to work out her emotions and that she is irritated with both Lukes and that she does not trust him. Hearing this, Luke S. confronts Luke P., who admits that he thinks he is here for the right reasons, in front of the other guys. Luke P. says that Luke S. requested him to put in a good word for him, and that he still thinks Luke S. is here for the wrong reason, despite what he said earlier to him. Luke S. is confronted by Hannah and denies it, and Hannah subsequently sits both Lukes down to work things out. The episode ends with no rose ceremony.
1645"Week 5"June 11, 2019 (2019-06-11)15054.75[44]1.3/7[44]
Continuing from previous episode, Luke S. and Luke P. debate in front of Hannah, and Hannah walks off from the conversation, but the debate continues. Chris Harrison grabs both Luke S. and Luke P. to announce the rose ceremony is happening immediately, due to Hannah canceling the cocktail party. Many guys express their frustration about Luke P., denying Luke P. to talk. When Hannah is about to start the rose ceremony, Luke S. pulls aside Hannah. Luke S. apologizes and asks her to keep an open mind. Luke S. quits the competition. John Paul Jones and Matteo are eliminated. They arrive in Inverness, Scotland and stay in the Achnagairn Estate. The remaining contestants roam the streets alone, and later Hannah joins them at the Hootananny Ceilidh Bar. Hannah tells the men to "reset" and that she will open her heart. Hannah picks Mike to explore Scotland on a one-on-one date. The guys criticize Luke P. about not being himself when Hannah is absent. Mike and Hannah explore a store entitled Books, Maps and Prints and subsequently order candy named Black Death from Mr Simms' Olde Sweet Shoppe. They then try whisky, and stop to have lunch and try haggis while talking things over. At the dinner portion at Macgregors, Mike opens up about his ex, and receives a rose. Devin, Tyler, Jed, Dylan, Grant, Connor S., Dustin, Peter, Kevin, and Garret are chosen to go on the group date in which the guys will be participating in Old Scottish Highland Games. They train before putting on kilts to compete in front of a crowd. This includes axe-throwing, yolk races, and Scottish blackhole wrestling. After everyone competes, Jed requests to get pinned by Hannah and Jed wins the competition. Mike confronts Luke P. about what he will say on his upcoming one-on-one date back at the estate. At the dinner portion, Jed gets the first one-on-one time and Hannah reveals that they share a one square foot of the land for winning the competition. Kevin walks in on Jed and Hannah kissing which he finds awkward as he and Hannah never have kissed. Peter and Hannah play snooker and then ditch it, kissing on the snooker table. Back at the estate, Luke P. receives the date card, since Mike left the room. The group date rose is given to Jed. The next morning as Luke P. leaves, he attempts to make small talk with the other guys, but fails. Hannah and Luke meet in a field of flowers and start their one-on-one date. They talk on the side of a hill against an ocean about why the other contestants don't like Luke P. He admits that he screwed up but still thinks that Luke S. still was there for the wrong reasons. He also states that the other guys said that he wanted to get a pity rose. Hannah counters and reiterates the question. Luke P. responds with that the guys "blows it up way out of proportion." Hannah states that she wants a man that other people are drawn to, and Luke P. says that everybody loves him, which makes Hannah mad. Hannah confronts him about his boastfulness. Luke P. doesn't know what he needs to explain and Hannah wants to know how this "affects his heart and me" and how it makes him feel. He states that the way the guys treat him is not right but it does not affect him. Hannah is still frustrated and walks off to contemplate whether he is here for the right reasons since he does not express his emotions. Hannah speaks to the crew on what to do. Luke P. tells Hannah that he will fight for her when she returns. Hannah confronts Luke P. and reiterates that "[she] needs more." Hannah wants to know "the real stuff" and not what makes him look good. Hannah pauses the conversation and they go to view a castle. Hannah, during an interview states that she wants to send him home but she can't do it. Hannah comes to the realization that she can't make excuses for him anymore. At the dinner portion of the date, Luke P. and Hannah talk about Luke P. character. Luke P. admits he was trying to be perfect and Luke P. states that it is hard to let loose. He asks Hannah on when she could let loose during Colton's season. Luke P. and Hannah debate, until Luke states that he loves "every single thing about [Hannah]," and Hannah counters that she is not perfect. Luke P. seeks what his flaws could be that Hannah doesn't like about him, but Hannah wants Luke P. to own up to it. Hannah questions what to feel about him, but the opportunity to get a rose. The episode ends with no rose ceremony.
1656"Week 5, Part 2 and The Journey So Far"June 17, 2019 (2019-06-17)1505B5.53[45]1.5/7[45]

Continuing from the previous episode, Hannah and Luke P. talk during the course of the date, but Hannah sends Luke P. home. He is in disbelief and returns to talk with Hannah. Then, she asks why Luke P. when she did not address his feelings earlier, encouraging Luke P. to scream. Back at the estate, still in Inverness, the rest of the men express that they want Luke P. gone. Luke P. then enters explaining his date and how Hannah let him stay, despite sending home earlier. Garrett questions whether he brought the other men into the conversation on Luke P., as it is the only way Garrett can see him staying. Luke P. denies the accusation. The morning of the cocktail party, Luke P. goes to pray in a church, as the contestants talk about where they are at with Hannah and their relationships. Later in the cocktail party, Hannah makes a toast and request the guys to share about what hurts and that she will do the same thing in return. Garrett immediately grabs Hannah after the toast, asking if Luke P. brought up other guys. Hannah responds that he did, only because she asked. Connor S. walks in and steals Hannah away. Garrett confronts Luke P. about his conversation with Hannah. Luke P. tries to respond to say that he mainly said positive things, but constantly is interrupted about how the other men don’t believe him. An argument breaks out and interrupts Connor S' one-on-one time. Hannah stops the one-on-one time with Connor S. and eavesdrops on the argument before telling the guys to stop arguing, and leaves. A little later when Hannah walks back in, the guys ask questions about Luke P. as he explains to Hannah about how he was attempting to own up about how he mentioned names. Hannah leaves and Peter speaks up and asks the guys to stop the arguing. After Hannah leaves the room to drink, the guys calmly debate about the same subject, Hannah still being able to hear. She once again enters, demanding to Luke P. to stop making excuses and telling the other men to stop focusing on him. She alludes to her past relationship. Then, Hannah leaves crying when the guys on the night could be gone better. Chris Harrison hugs Hannah and Chris attempts to explain the guys behavior. Hannah cancels the cocktail party and it cuts straight to the rose ceremony. Devin, Grant, and Kevin are eliminated. Hannah speaks about she is mad at everyone, and how that everyone needs to get on the same page. She immediately walks away for the night. The next morning, the show moves to Riga, Latvia as the content portion comes to a close and the interview portion of the episode begins. Chris interviews Hannah in Latvia, saying that she is trying to stay hopeful and not to give up, but will not happen till the next episode.

The show moves on at the Bachelor mansion in Los Angeles, California, Chris gives an interview with Hannah on the rest of the episodes. Unseen footage including Mike screaming Chris’ name during the labor simulator and later ripping his pants, as well as when Hannah mixed up Scott and Marcus, the name of her zit on her face now gone. The episode ends on a trailer on what is to come next. After the episode aired, it was revealed that contestant Jed Wyatt had a girlfriend while filming.
1667"Week 6"June 24, 2019 (2019-06-24)15065.72[46]1.5/7[46]

Eric Bigger, a contestant from the thirteenth season of The Bachelorette, and Nick Viall cameo in a commercial segment promoting Annabelle Comes Home.

The show opens in Riga, Latvia continuing from last episode. The guys explore the streets of Riga, eventually arriving at Pullman Riga Old Town Hotel where they will be staying. Garrett receives the first date, which makes Luke P. jealous. They meet in a forest, and Hannah speaks that she chose Garrett because he wants them to open up. They are revealed to go naked bungee jumping from a cable car in Sigulda when Hank and another girl greet them. They encourage Garrett and Hannah to go naked bungee jumping as it is a tradition for couples in Latvia. However, there is a lack of evidence to that claim. After reluctantly going bungee jumping, Garrett reassures that his heart is in the process. Hannah says that the date was just the start of the week. At the dinner portion, Garrett asks about Hannah’s past, talking about how she will not let fear control her, with Garrett agreeing. They both talk about trust and falling in love. Garrett confesses that he is falling in love for her, and Garrett gets the rose. Everyone else, excluding Peter are revealed to be going on the group date. Garrett shares his date with the other guys, with Luke P. privately insulting him and denying it is true. The next morning, the guys meet Hannah at the Riga Central Market and explore it. They cheer with vodka, eat pickles, cheese, and Tyler C. getting her flowers. Dylan and Tyler C. arm wrestle at a pub, and Hannah on the subway shares her date the previous date. Luke P. finds out it was true, making him frustrated. They go to a church as well. The dinner portions begins with Tyler C. confessing he is falling in love with her. Jed plays the piano for Hannah. Luke P. compares being cheated on, which Hannah has, to the bungee jumping date. Hannah responds to that it was not sexually. The group date rose gets received by Tyler C. Peter and Hannah meet in the Latvian countryside, including a spa date. They meet Andris and Aija who put wreath-like objects on their heads. They perform a ritual named Pirts, making honey sauce. They go to the Pirts, but before they get rubbed by leaf-like plants on a table. They get rubbed again, and afterwards kiss in the sauna. They sit in a hot tub and talk about the previous week. Peter tells Hannah that he is all in. At the dinner portion, Peter asks about Hannah’s personality, and Hannah questions about whether his career as a “get-up-and-ho” pilot had and could interfere with a relationship. Peter shares about a past serious girlfriend, sharing that he is "falling for [her]." Hannah opens up about being engaged twice, and why she is here. Peter receives the one-on-one rose. Peter and Hannah go near the water and experience a firework show while kissing. Peter shares his one-on-one date, while Jed leaves to go see Hannah personally. He arrives at her place, outside, singing the song he played in the second week. Hannah invited Jed in as requested. He once again plays this guitar for Hannah in bed, in a theme of romance, afterwards making out in bed. He confesses that "[he] is really falling in love with [her]." Back at the Pullman, Garrett and Luke P. debate about how Luke P. should stay in his lane, which Luke P. says that he was an Garrett was invading his lane. Luke P. wants the conversation to be kept secret and out of the rose ceremony the following day, which Garrett refuses. Garrett gets dismissed out of Luke P.'s room out of frustration. After processing the conversation from earlier, Hannah makes an unexpected visit and grabs Luke P. to talk. Hannah expresses her appreciation about her concerns and about having a real conversation, but how it did not sit well with her. Hannah reiterates what she said earlier and says that Luke P. doesn’t own her body. Luke P. ensures that he will never control her. They debate, and talk about misunderstanding, and Hannah questions whether their relationship is "on track." Luke P. asks for forgiveness, which Hannah has no comment, and asks to keep fighting. Garrett talks about the conversation the previous night with the other guys when Luke P. returns. Luke P. addresses that his conversation his private, and states that everyone needs to stay in their lanes, and demands everyone to do so. Tyler C. accuses Luke P. about attempting to be a big dog. Another argument breaks out, and Jed effectively ends the argument. Chris Harrison enters announcing that Hannah has canceled the cocktail party yet again, due to being emotional. The guys all accuse Luke P. while walking out leaving Luke P. alone. At the rose ceremony, Dustin and Dylan are eliminated, and the guys are angry that Luke P. survived.
1678"Week 7"[47]July 1, 2019 (2019-07-01)1507TBDTBA


Jed Wyatt's relationship[edit]

On June 18, 2019, People released a story that contestant Jed Wyatt was in a relationship with Nashville musician Haley Stevens before and during filming of the season. Stevens stated that Wyatt promised her he was going on the show purely to further his music career, that he did not intend to begin a relationship with Brown, and any appearance of him pursuing Brown was simply "acting". She additionally published letters that Wyatt wrote to her, where he stated how someday she would be thankful that he did this.[48] In the first episode, Brown had eliminated contestant Scott Andersen before the first rose ceremony after she was informed that Andersen still had a girlfriend back home.[49]


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