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For the Backwoodsman phenomenon, see Outdoor enthusiast

The Backwoodsman Magazine, also known as The Backwoodsman Richie's Magazine, is a bi-monthly publication "dedicated to the preservation of Old Frontier living."[1] The magazine, created by Charlie Richie, Sr., was first published in 1980.[2] It has its headquarters in Westcliffe, Colorado.[3][4]

Most of the magazine's contents cover areas of interest that relate to self-reliance, however it is not primarily a survivalist magazine. The Backwoodsman Magazine frequently publishes reprints from older How-To project type magazines and books, and reader submitted articles. Richie also writes for the magazine on a regular basis.

Among "how to" guides, frequent subjects include making canoes, homemade welders, black-powder cannons, beer, and clothing. Other topics covered include American-Indian lore, hermits, muzzle-loading, antique, and old military rifles, traditional archery, and early American history.

The magazine is basically nonpolitical and nonpartisan.

An editor for the Los Angeles Times called the magazine "a primitively designed bimonthly that celebrates and perpetuates the simple ways of our ancestors."[3] listed it as among the three best survivalist magazines.[5]

The magazine has spawned four "best of" books - Best of The Backwoodsman Vol I/II, Best of The Backwoodsman: Volume III, Best of The Backwoodsman: Volume IV, Best of the Backwoodsman: Volume V.


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