The Bad Boy (1917 film)

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The Bad Boy
Directed by Chester Withey
Screenplay by Chester Withey
Frank E. Woods
Starring Robert Harron
Richard Henry Cummings
Josephine Crowell
Mildred Harris
Distributed by Triangle Film Corporation
Release date
  • February 18, 1917 (1917-02-18)
Country United States
Language Silent film
English intertitles

The Bad Boy is a 1917 American silent crime drama film directed by Chester Withey and starring Robert Harron, Richard Cummings, and Mildred Harris. The film marks the debut of Colleen Moore, who plays a supporting role in the film.[1]


Small town youth Jimmie Bates (Robert Harron) is a well-intentioned, but troubled youth. Jimmie is a rowdy boy who is always getting into trouble and playing pranks on his friends and neighbors. Although deeply in love with young Mary (Mildred Harris), he eventually spurns Mary's affection for the more outgoing and worldly young Ruth (Colleen Moore).

Eventually, Jimmie's father Mr. Bates (Richard Henry Cummings), in a fit of exasperation with the boy's antics, beats him severely and Jimmie runs away from home. While on the lam Jimmie becomes involved with a criminal gang of thieves and Jimmie serves a sentence in jail. After completing his sentence, Jimmie vows to turn over a new leaf. However, the gang of thieves decide they are going to rob Jimmie's hometown bank. Jimmie tries desperately to foil the attempt during the robbery and is wounded and arrested by the sheriff (William H. Brown) as the robbery suspect. Jimmie escapes from jail and seeks out his true love Mary who hides Jimmie at her home and nurses him back to health.

After regaining his strength, Jimmie sets about vindicating himself to his parents and townspeople. Jimmie eventually pursues and captures real perpetrator in his father's yard. After his capture, the criminal finally admits that Jimmie was not a participant in the robbery attempt and Jimmie is finally redeemed in the eyes of his family.


Role Actor
Jimmie Bates Robert Harron
Mr. Bates Richard Henry Cummings
Mrs. Bates Josephine Crowell
Mary Mildred Harris
Town marshal William H. Brown
Clarence James Harrison
Ruth Colleen Moore
Yeggman Elmo Lincoln
Yeggman Harry Fisher
Uncredited Carmel Myers



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