The Bag O'Nails

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The Bag O'Nails
The Bag
Bag O'Nails Club - 9 Kingly Street London W1B 5PN 1 (cropped).jpg
The Bag O'Nails Club in its second incarnation as a private members' club, 2017
AddressKingly Street
London, W1
United Kingdom
Coordinates51°30′44″N 0°08′20″W / 51.512361°N 0.13889°W / 51.512361; -0.13889
Public transitLondon Underground Oxford Circus; Piccadilly Circus
TypePrivate members nightclub, live music venue
Opened1965 (1965)
Closed1968 (1968) (re-opened 2013)

The Bag O'Nails was a live music club and meeting place for musicians in the 1960s and situated at 9 Kingly Street, Soho, London, England.[1]

Doorway plaque commemorating Jimi Hendrix's performance at the venue

Bands and other musicians who played and socialised there included Georgie Fame, Jimi Hendrix, Bobby Tench, The Gass[2] and Eric Burdon.[3] The venue also hosted an early gig by the Jimi Hendrix Experience[4] and others frequented the venue including Tom Jones, The Who and The Animals.[5]

After the Beatles' recording sessions in London, their roadie Mal Evans, personal assistant Neil Aspinall and Paul McCartney would eat at The Bag O'Nails[6] and it was one of their favourite venues.[7] McCartney met his future wife Linda Eastman at the club on 15 May 1967.[4] Another event is recorded in Mal Evans' memoirs: "January 19 and 20: I ended up drunk in The Bag O'Nails with McCartney and Aspinall".[8]

In 1966, John Gunnell and Laurie Leslie re-opened the club under its old name, and it became a late night home to the growing Rock Fraternity and other celebrities.

The Bag O'Nails re-opened as a private members' club in March 2013,[9] before closing in 2018.[10] It is now the site of a members' club called The Court.[10]


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Coordinates: 51°30′44.5″N 0°8′20″W / 51.512361°N 0.13889°W / 51.512361; -0.13889