The Bait (1973 film)

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The Bait
Genre Drama
Written by Gordon Cotler
Don Mankiewicz
Directed by Leonard Horn
Starring Noam Pitlik
Donna Mills
Music by Jack Elliott
Allyn Ferguson
Country of origin United States
Original language(s) English
Executive producer(s) Leonard Goldberg
Aaron Spelling
Producer(s) Peter Nelson
Robert Monroe (associate producer)
Cinematography Gert Andersen
Editor(s) Leon Carrere
Neil Travis
Running time 78 minutes
Production company(s) ABC Circle Films
Spelling-Goldberg Productions
Distributor ABC
Original network ABC
Original release March 13, 1973

The Bait is a television film about LAPD Detective Tracy Fleming, who is out to catch a serial killer preying on women in Los Angeles. Filmed in 1971 and released in 1973, it stars Donna Mills. The film was based on former police officer Dorothy Uhnak's first novel, also titled The Bait, which won the MWA's Edgar for Best First Novel. She was reportedly embarrassed over the liberties taken with her work by this film. The film itself was the pilot for an unlaunched weekly TV series.

The Ledger, a later book by Ms. Uhnak featuring the same character, NYPD Detective Christie Opara, was adapted into the TV-film Get Christie Love! It also took liberties with the source material, but was, nonetheless, successfully turned into a TV series the following season.

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