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The Baka Boyz, brothers Nick and Eric Vidal, are American radio personalities, music producers and remixers from Bakersfield, California. The duo first achieved fame on the hip-hop/R&B radio station KPWR (Power 106 FM) in Los Angeles.


The Baka Boyz were originally DJs in Bakersfield, California, before moving south to Los Angeles.[1] They first began at Power 106 in 1992 with their show creation, "Friday Nite Flavas". They also developed Power's live mixing "World Famous Roll Call". After achieving high ratings in the morning[2] and afternoon[3] slots at Power for seven years, the duo grew disaffected with Power's move to R&B, at the expense of hip-hop, and left. Shortly after leaving Power 106 in 1999, the duo briefly had an afternoon show on KKBT.[4] Later, they decided to move north to KMEL in San Francisco.[5] They are hosts of the nationally syndicated "Hip Hop Master Mix", broadcast on over fifty stations nationwide.[6][7] Finally, the Baka Boyz acted as talent scouts, discovering future LA radio star Big Boy, among others.[8] In addition, they have also produced tracks for various artists. They produced and co-wrote the track "Scandalous" by Psycho Realm on the 1994 Mi Vida Loca original motion picture soundtrack, "Pistol Grip Pump" by Project Blowed rapper Volume 10, and other tracks.

The Vidals later relocated to WMIB The Beat 103.5 in Miami in March 2003 as the station's morning hosts.[9] But by 2005 The Baka Boyz returned to Los Angeles to do afternoon hosting at 93.5 KDAY.[10] They were there until May 2007, when the Baka Boyz moved to Blazin' 98.9 in San Diego to do their morning show there.[11] The Duo left the station in 2008 and continues to focus on their weekly syndicated Hip-Hop mix show "The Baka Boyz Master Mix."


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