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The Baldies were a South Minneapolis, Minnesota street gang that existed from 1955 to 1975, organized by the late Deuce Casper. In Minneapolis, over 1000 gang members engaged in violence, crime, and fear mongering. Some members graduated to politics like Tommy "The Bomber" Ogdahl, and others went on to become members of organized crime like Perry "The Scholar" Millik. The Baldies were identified by their closely cropped hair and Ivy League, or preppy style, in contrast to their "Greaser" rivals, the Animals, who wore slicked back hair and leather jackets.

Notable Baldies[edit]

Deuce Casper (1936-2003)[edit]

Minneapolis gangster who made a living robbing jewelry stores, banks and armored cars. his most infamous feat was starting the 1000 member "Baldy" street gang (1955–1975).

Jack "The Book" Capra (1939-)[edit]

Along with his partner, George Patterson, control all of the illegal gambling throughout the upper midwest as well as other nefarious activities, working under the auspices of the Old Genovese Mafia Family from New York City.

Tommy "The Bomber" Ogdahl (1939-2015[1])[edit]

Minneapolis politician with a past police record connected with Deuce Casper's Baldy street gang. Ogdahl helped elect former police chief Charles Stenvig to the office of Mayor, and was appointed Deputy Mayor, eventually serving as an 8th ward Alderman.

Perry "The Scholar" Millik (1944-2003)[edit]

A Minneapolis gangster who graduated from high school with honors while running a commercial burglary ring. Millik graduated from college with two degrees, and worked briefly in the field of corrections, but returned to crime when Deuce Casper was released from Leavenworth prison. He was front man for porn and prostitution kings the "Lebanese Alexander Brothers" who operated under the Old Genovese Crime Family of New York City.

Millik published a book entitled "5000 Years of Graffiti, Philosophy, and Humor" which is carried in the downtown Cleveland library.

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