The Ballade

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The Ballade
The Ballade - Journey.jpg
Greatest hits album by Journey
Released 1991
Recorded 1977-1986
Genre Rock
Length 57:05
Label Sony Music Distribution
Journey chronology
Greatest Hits
The Ballade
Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
Allmusic 4/5 stars [1]

The Ballade is a Japanese-only compilation album by the American Rock band Journey. Released in 1991, it comprises fifteen of their most popular love songs, including the #2 chart hit "Open Arms, the top 40 hits "Faithfully," "I'll Be Alright Without You," "Who's Crying Now," and "Still They Ride". The songs featured on this compilation are from the U.S. releases Infinity, Evolution, Departure, Escape, Frontiers and Raised on Radio.

The album has been reissued throughout the years (as recently as 2006), however never domestically. Similar albums have been released by other artists on the same label; Santana, REO Speedwagon, Babyface and Toto. Of the artists mentioned, only REO Speedwagon and Babyface have had their versions released in the United States; the track list for the US editions of REO Speedwagon's The Ballads and Babyface's Love Songs are different from the Japanese editions.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Open Arms" - 3:20 (from the 1981 album Escape)
  2. "Lights" - 3:11 (from the 1978 album Infinity)
  3. "Too Late" - 2:59 (from the 1979 album Evolution)
  4. "Faithfully" - 4:27 (from the 1983 album Frontiers)
  5. "I'll Be Alright Without You" - 4:50 (from the 1986 album Raised on Radio)
  6. "Patiently" - 3:23 (from Infinity)
  7. "Who's Crying Now" - 5:02 (from Escape)
  8. "After the Fall" - 5:01 (from Frontiers)
  9. "The Eyes of a Woman" - 4:35 (from Raised on Radio)
  10. "Opened the Door" - 4:33 (from Infinity)
  11. "Good Morning Girl" - 1:44 (from the 1980 album Departure)
  12. "Stay Awhile" - 2:50 (from Departure)
  13. "Still They Ride" - 3:48 (from Escape)
  14. "Send Her My Love" - 3:56 (from Frontiers)
  15. "Why Can't This Night Go on Forever" - 3:43 (from Raised on Radio)

All of the songs are full album versions.