The Bangkok Recorder

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The Bangkok Recorder
Bangkok Recorder.png
March 1, 1865 issue of The Bangkok Recorder
Type Monthly newspaper (1844-1845)
Bi-weekly newspaper (1865-1867)
Owner(s) Dan Beach Bradley
Publisher Dan Beach Bradley
Editor Dan Beach Bradley
Founded 1844
Language Thai
Ceased publication 1867
Headquarters Bangkok, Thailand

The Bangkok Recorder (Thai: หนังสือจดหมายเหตุ) was the first Thai-language newspaper, first published monthly, and later bi-weekly, in Bangkok, Siam between 1844–1845, and 1865-1867. It was written and published by Dr. Dan Beach Bradley, an American Christian missionary who spent 35 years in the country.

Bradley published both English- and Thai-language editions of The Bangkok Recorder. The Thai edition measured 6 x 9 inches, and the English edition 12 x 18 inches. The newspaper had a two-column layout.

One-time subscribers of The Bangkok Recorder included King Mongkut and various Thai nobles. The newspaper eventually closed due to unprofitability. Bradley wrote in the paper urging subscribers to pay their fees. Lack of payment may have been the result of disapproval of Bradley's subject matter. In addition to local and foreign news, Bradley wrote on general topics, including science and politics. His writings on Christianity and Buddhism may have been perceived as critical of the dominant religion.


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