The Banner of Freedom

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Samoa Tula'i

National anthem of Samoa
LyricsSauni Iiga Kuresa
MusicSauni Iiga Kuresa
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Orchestral instrumental rendition

"The Banner of Freedom" (Samoan: "O Le Fu'a o Le Sa'olotoga o Sāmoa" [o‿ɾe fuʔa o‿ɾe saʔoɾotoŋa o saːmoa]), known also as "Sāmoa Tula'i" ([saːmoa tuɾaʔi]; "Samoa, Arise") is the national anthem of Samoa. Both the words (which reference the country's flag) and the music were composed by Sauni Iiga Kuresa. The anthem was composed in response to a public competition to select a new anthem when the United Nations conferred self-government on Samoa in 1948[1] and was chosen from among 15 entries.[2] It was performed publicly for the first time on 1 June 1948[3] and was subsequently played at all public ceremonies attended by the High Commissioner and performed after "God Save the Queen" on official occasions.[1] It was retained as the national anthem upon Samoa's gaining of independence from New Zealand in 1962.

The anthem is recognised by the Official Flag and National Anthem of Samoa Act 1994. When it is sung or played in public, people and vehicles must stop and remain stationary until the performance is complete.[4]


Samoan original[edit]

Samoan original[5][6][7][8] IPA transcription[a]

𝄆 Sāmoa, tūla'i ma sīsī'ia lau fu'a, lou pale lea! 𝄇
Va'ai i nā fētū o lō ua āgiagia ai:[b]
Le fa'ailoga lea o Iesu na maliu ai mo Sāmoa[c]
'Oi, Sāmoa e, u'u mau lau pule ia fa'avavau.
'Aua e te fefe; o le Atua o lō tā fa'avae, o lō tā sa'olotoga.
Sāmoa, tula'i; ua āgiagia lau fu'a lou pale lea.

𝄆 [saː.mo.aʔi ma i.a lau̯ fu.ʔa lou̯ pa.le le.a] 𝄇
[va.ʔai̯ i naː fe.tu o lo.ʔo u.a‿aː.ŋi.a.ŋi.a ai̯]
[le fa.ʔai̯.lo.ŋa le.a o i̯̯ (ai̯) mo saː.moa̯]
[oi̯ saː.mo.a‿e̯ u.ʔu ma.u lau̯ pu.le i̯a fa.ʔ]
[ʔau̯.a e te fe.fe o le a.tu.a lo taː fa.ʔa vae̯]
[ʔo loː taː sa.ʔŋa]
[saː.mo.aʔi u.a aː.ŋi.a.ŋi.a lau̯ fu.ʔa lou̯ pa.le le.a]

English translations[edit]

Literal translation[9][10] Common translation[5]

𝄆 Samoa, arise and raise your flag, your crown! 𝄇
Look at those stars that are waving on it:
This is the symbol of Jesus, who died on it for Samoa.
Oh, Samoa, hold fast your power forever.
Do not be afraid; God is our foundation, our freedom.
Samoa, arise; your flag is waving, your crown!

𝄆 Samoa, arise and raise your banner that is your crown! 𝄇
Oh! see and behold the stars on the waving banner!
They are a sign that Samoa is able to lead.
Oh! Samoa, hold fast your freedom forever!
Do not be afraid; as you are founded on God;
Our treasured precious liberty.
Samoa, arise and wave your banner that is your crown!


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