The Basement (film)

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The Basement
The Basement movie poster.jpg
Promotional poster
Directed byBrian M. Conley
Nathan Ives
Produced byBrian M. Conley
Nathan Ives
Sean Decker
Mark Heidelberger
Written byBrian M. Conley
Nathan Ives
Sean Decker
StarringMischa Barton
Jackson Davis
Cayleb Long
Tracie Thoms
Music byAaron J. Goldstein
CinematographyKenneth Stipe
Edited byBrady Hallongren
Distributed byUncork'd Entertainment
Release date
  • October 7, 2017 (2017-10-07) (Shriekfest)
  • September 15, 2018 (2018-09-15) (United States)
CountryUnited States

The Basement is a 2017 American horror film directed by Brian M. Conley and Nathan Ives. The film stars Mischa Barton, Jackson Davis, Cayleb Long and Tracie Thoms. The film premiered at Shriekfest in Los Angeles on October 7, 2017. It will receive a 10 market theatrical and digital release in the United States on 15 September 2018.[1]

Plot summary[edit]

A deranged serial killer known as "The Gemini" tortures and slays his victims in the basement of his San Fernando Valley home. However, The Gemini meets his inner demons when he chooses his next victims, the musician Craig Owen (Long), and his wife Kelly (Barton). [2]



Conley and Ives wrote the script together in the fall of 2015 and they were inspired by films such as Sleuth, Seven and The Silence of the Lambs.[3]

Critical reception[edit]

Dread Central gave the film 5 stars out of 5, remarking on its "solid script" and praising the "stellar lead performances" of Davis and Long. The website was also complimentary about the film's production values: "DP Kenneth Stipe has done a lot of TV, but here his lighting and composition are truly cinematic. The music is from another hardworking television veteran, Aaron J. Goldstein, whose sounds underscore the tension and few moments of comedy quite nicely. When it comes to the grue and gore – much of it cringe-inducing – kudos go to Julia Hapney and her team."[4]


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