The Beach Party at the Threshold of Hell

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The Beach Party at the Threshold of Hell
Beach party at the threshold of hell poster.jpg
Directed by Kevin Wheatley
Jonny Gillette
Produced by Jamie Bullock
Ryan Turi
Written by Kevin Wheatley
Starring Kevin Wheatley
Bill English
Chandler Parker
Ted Schneider
Jamie Bullock
Alex Reznick
Paul Whitty
Stewart Carrico
Lea Coco
Daniel Baldwin
Richard Riehle
Jane Seymour
Tony Hale
Music by Russ Howard III
Cinematography Cameron Pearce
Edited by Cameron Pearce
Language English

The Beach Party at the Threshold of Hell is an independent film directed by Jonny Gillette, written and co-directed by Kevin Wheatley, and produced by Jamie Bullock and Ryan Turi. It stars Kevin Wheatley and Jamie Bullock, amongst others.


The film is set in New America in the year 2097, two decades after a nuclear apocalypse. Tex Kennedy, the last survivor of the Kennedy family, two robotic ex-secret service agents, and a female cannibal journey to find the "Threshold of Hell" to gain access to a radio tower to unite the survivors of the apocalypse.[1]

Production and release[edit]

The movie premiered at the Los Angeles Film Festival on June 23, 2006 and then toured the country screening at various film festivals. The movie was picked up by National Lampoon for a theatrical release in October 2007.[citation needed]

Critical reaction[edit]

Rotten Tomatoes records an aggregate rating of 60% from 5 reviews.[2] Village Voice found it "self-impressed film", and considered it an over-deliberate attempt to create a cult film, which failed, "funnier on paper than in reality", making a negative comparison to the Mad Max franchise.[3]


  • Kevin Wheatley as Tex Kennedy
  • Paul Whitty as Quincy the Robot
  • Chandler Parker as Yul the Robot
  • Jamie Bullock as Cannibal Sue
  • Bill English as Benjamin Remington
  • Stewart Carrico as Zach/Thorn
  • Lea Coco as Vincent "Jackle" Remington
  • Alex Reznik as Yurik Schlatz (not his real name)
  • Ted Schneider as Marcellus St. Joan
  • Daniel Baldwin as Clark Remington
  • Morgan Carson as Ginsberg
  • Scott Addison Clay as Blowgun Child
  • Katherine Cunningham-Eves as Veronica
  • Henry Dittman as Sue Biographer
  • Katherine Flynn as Allison
  • Tony Hale as Remington Biographer
  • Callam Ingram as TV Son
  • Claire Lautier as TV Mom
  • J. P. Manoux as Sitcom Dad
  • Alcorn Minor as Xavier
  • Richard Riehle as Paranormal Historian
  • Jim Ryan as Henry Edison
  • Jane Seymour as President Lauren Coffey
  • Ryan Turi as Richie
  • Henry Vick as The Grashtowners
  • Andrew Walker as Franklin


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