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The Bead Museum was a museum of beads located in Glendale, Arizona.

The Bead Museum in 2010

The Bead Museum was founded to establish a haven for a permanent collection of beads and adornments of all cultures, past and present, which would provide an enduring opportunity for the study and enjoyment of these magnificent examples of art and ingenuity. The Bead Museum served the public through exhibitions and programs designed to heighten awareness of peoples' ideas about themselves and their world through the study of beads. Used all over the world, these small, perforated objects speak of ancient links with people, places, and diverse community expressions.

A selection of beads for sale at The Bead Museum's shop

The museum was founded in 1984 by Gabrielle Liese and housed an international collection of over 100,000 beads and beaded artifacts. It closed in March 2011, and the collections were donated to the Mingei International Museum in San Diego, California[1]


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