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The Beatles Complete On Ukulele is a music project by David Barratt that incorporates re-recording and re-creating all original songs The Beatles ever recorded.

Each week (until 2012), TBCOU will upload a rerecorded version of an original song by The Beatles along with a comprehensive essay discussing matters pertinent to the recording. An ukulele is included in the arrangement of every song. Each song is performed by a different guest artist and released every Tuesday.

Artists featured so far include: Samantha Fox, Wang Chung, Nicki Richards, Victoria Vox, Gerald Ross, Jim Boggia and many unsigned artists.

"Let It Be" has been performed by a gospel choir with samples taken from some of President Barack Obama's speeches pasted together to form the lyrics of the song.[1]

The project begun on January 20, 2009 (the date of the inauguration of Barack Obama) and will conclude on July 31, 2012 (the eve of the London Olympics).

Across the world the project has received press which is as follows:


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