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The Beau-Marks were a Canadian rock music group formed in 1958 in Montreal, Quebec. Their first release, the April 1959 single "Rockin' Blues" b/w "Moonlight Party", came out under the name The Del-Tones, but the group changed their name soon afterward in a nod to the Bomarc missile. Their breakthrough hit was "Clap Your Hands," which hit #1 in Canada and Australia,[1] peaked at #45 on the US Billboard pop charts,[2] and #40 on Cashbox.[3] The tune was also released in French as "Frappe Tes Mains" and a Quebec version as "Tape des mains", lyrics by late Michel A. Lebel, as one of Rock n' Roll Queen Lucie Marotte's finale favorites. Their debut, ten-track full-length came out in 1960; they appeared on American Bandstand and at a charity concert at Carnegie Hall soon afterwards. Two more albums followed before the group broke up in 1963; a 1968 reunion saw "Clap Your Hands" get a re-release.

The Beau-Marks were the first Canadian band to be headliners at the Peppermint Lounge in New York City and to be invited to appear on The Ed Sullivan Show.


  • Raymond "Ray" Hutchinson - guitar
  • Michel "Mike" Robitaille - guitar and bass
  • Joseph "Joey" Fréchette - piano
  • Gilles Tailleur - drums


  • The High Flying Beau-Marks (1960)
  • The Beau-Marks in Person! Recorded on Location at Le Coq D'Or (1961)
  • The Beau-Marks (1962)
  • Lucie Marotte (1990) - Tape des mains

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