The Beautiful Game (album)

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The Beautiful Game
Studio album by
Released6 April 2000
Recorded1999-2000 at:
Coast Recorders, San Francisco, U.S.
Tiny Telephone, San Francisco, U.S.
Higher Ground Studios, London, UK
Hansa Haus Studios, Bonn, Germany
LabelHigher Octave Music
ProducerRichard Bull
Greg Carmichael
Miles Gilderdale
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The Beautiful Game

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The Beautiful Game was the tenth full-length album by Acoustic Alchemy released in 2000, and marked a turning point in the career of guitarist Greg Carmichael.

This album was the first without founding member Nick Webb, who had died two years previously due to pancreatic cancer; duties on steel string guitar were now filled by understudy Miles Gilderdale, who remains in the post to this day.

The album came as a stark change to fans of the group. Glossy production and radically different songwriting brought about a new 21st century sound, completely adverse to the style built up over a decade and a half up until this point.

Experimentation was certainly a prominent factor in "The Beautiful Game". Tracks like "The Last Flamenco" brought drum and bass style synthesised loops, whilst "Kidstuff" employed a repeated sample of a baby giggling.

One of the band's longer efforts, the album lasts over an hour including two bonus tracks, featuring Greg Carmichael and John Parsons re-recording two of the tracks with a country and western style backing.

Track listing[edit]

# Title Writers Duration
1 "Angel Of The South" Carmichael/Gilderdale 6:41
2 "The Panama Cat" Carmichael/Gilderdale/Felix 5:04
3 "Trail Blazer" Carmichael/Gilderdale/Parsons 5:00
4 "The Beautiful Game" Carmichael/Disley 5:16
5 "Hats Of Magic" Carmichael/White 5:03
6 "Tête à Tête" Carmichael/Disley 4:43
7 "The Last Flamenco" Carmichael/Parsons/White 4:20
8 "Kidstuff" Carmichael/White 4:19
9 "Big Sky Country" Carmichael/Gilderdale/Parsons 4:34
10 "Hold On To Your Heart" Carmichael/Parsons 4:11
11 "Jubilation" Carmichael/Parsons 4:39
12 "Big Sky Country (Nashville version)" Carmichael/Gilderdale/Parsons 4:17
13 "Trail Blazer (Nashville version)" Carmichael/Gilderdale/Parsons 4:41



  • Producers: Richard Bull, Miles Gilderdale, Greg Carmichael, Steven Jones.
  • Audio Mixers: Richard Bull; Steve Jones.
  • Engineers include: Jim Sweeney, Richard Bull, Klaus Genuit.


  • Miles Gilderdale (guitar, programming);
  • Greg Carmichael, John Parsons (guitar);
  • Jerry Douglas (dobro);
  • Sam Bush (violin);
  • Snake Davis (whistle, saxophone);
  • Al Richardson, Pat Burgeson (harmonica);
  • Guy Barker (trumpet);
  • Terry Disley, Tony White, Simon Hale, William Richardson (keyboards);
  • Frank Felix, Viktor Krauss (bass);
  • Frank Tontoh, Geoff Dunn, Larry Atamanuik (drums);
  • Scooter Delong (percussion);
  • Richard Bull, Tony White (programming).