The Bedford Handbook

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The Bedford Handbook
The Bedford Handbook, Seventh Edition
AuthorDiana Hacker
CountryUnited States
Publication date
2009 (8 ed.)
Media typePaperback and Hardcover
808/.042 22
LC ClassPE1408 .H277 2006

The Bedford Handbook is a guide written by Diana Hacker, now in its eighth edition, that provides basic explanations of proper English grammar, composition, citation, and textual analysis. The guide includes a number of sample texts (including essays) and illustrations throughout its sections. The Bedford Handbook contains guides to the MLA, APA, and Chicago citation styles and includes examples of each style in essay form. The book is paired with a companion website that has exercises and more writing models. The hardback is 820 pages and the paperback is 960 pages and are published by United States publisher Bedford/St. Martin's.

Brief Menu[edit]

Part I. The Writing Process[edit]

  1. Generating ideas; sketching a plan
  2. Roughing out an initial draft
  3. Making global revisions; revising sentences
  4. Building paragraphs

Part II. Document Design[edit]

Part III. Clear Sentences[edit]

Part IV. Word Choice[edit]

Part V. Grammatical Sentences[edit]

Part VI. ESL Trouble Spots[edit]

Part VII. Punctuation[edit]

Part VIII. Mechanics[edit]

Part IX. Critical Thinking[edit]

Part X. Researched Writing[edit]

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