The Bedroom Tapes

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The Bedroom Tapes
The Bedroom Tapes.jpg
Studio album by Carly Simon
Released May 16, 2000
Studio at Carly's home and Sonic Brothers, Martha's Vineyard and Right Track Recording, Sound On Sound and Edison Recording Studios, New York City
Genre Rock
Length 57:09
Label Arista
Producer Carly Simon & Frank Filipetti
Carly Simon chronology
The Very Best of Carly Simon: Nobody Does It Better
The Bedroom Tapes
Christmas Is Almost Here
Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
Allmusic 3/5 stars link

The Bedroom Tapes is singer-songwriter Carly Simon's twenty-fourth overall album, and twentieth studio album, released in 2000.

The album was critically acclaimed upon release and Simon promoted it through many television appearances, notably on Good Morning America when she gave a concert in Bryant Park, on May 19, 2000.[1] Despite the warm reception, the album quickly went Out of print. "Our Affair" was remixed and featured on the soundtrack of the 2000 film Bounce.[2]

In 2002, Simon released autographed limited editions of The Bedroom Tapes with two bonus tracks at the end of the album; "Grandmother's House" and "Sangre Dolce". The latter of which was included on her 2008 album This Kind of Love.

On April 6, 2015, Simon re-released the album as a special edition with two bonus tracks, the aforementioned "Grandmother's House" and "When Manhattan Was A Maiden". The release was through the Carly Simon Vintage Line, produced by C'est Music. The CD can be purchased exclusively through Simon's website.[3]


The Bedroom Tapes received overwhelmingly positive reviews from critics. AllMusic awarded the album 3 stars, writing "She is as a raw as she was on 1975's Playing Possum and just as sweet as 1987's Coming Around Again, but Simon is fresh. Although in her mid-fifties, she is still a charmer."[4] Billboard called the album "A feast for fans of intelligent, richly crafted pop music."[5] Rolling Stone called the album "A bang up album. Her balance of excellent pop thrills and writing remains singular. The Carly Simon of The Bedroom Tapes shines." NY Daily News raved "One of her best albums. The Bedroom Tapes finds Simon returning to the sharp-eyed commentary and unflinching candor of her best-loved work of the 70's." People wrote that the album "unfolds like a one-woman show," calling it a "Boffo performance."[6] The Miami Herald raved "Adults rejoice. Few albums manage to touch the heart and challenge the brain as this gem does." Us Weekly wrote "These disarmingly personal songs are pure catharsis. Who needs support groups? The Bedroom Tapes is classy work from one of pop's original confessors."[7][8]


Boston Music Awards

Year Nominee/work Award Result
2002 "Our Affair" Female Vocalist Of The Year[9] Won
Song Of The Year[9] Nominated

Track listing[edit]

All tracks composed by Carly Simon; except where noted.

  1. "Our Affair" – 4:16
  2. "So Many Stars" – 5:35
  3. "Big Dumb Guy" (Simon, Tom "T-Bone" Wolk, Larry Ciancia, Jesse Farrow) – 5:54
  4. "Scar" – 5:32
  5. "Cross The River" – 5:59
  6. "I Forget" – 4:33
  7. "Actress" – 4:48
  8. "I'm Really The Kind" – 4:27
  9. "We, Your Dearest Friends" – 4:49
  10. "Whatever Became Of Her" – 4:56
  11. "In Honor Of You (George)" (Simon, George Gershwin, Ira Gershwin) – 5:50

Bonus tracks on 2002 limited edition[edit]

  1. "Grandmother's House" – 5:39
  2. "Sangre Dolce" – 3:11

Bonus tracks on 2015 special edition[edit]

  1. "Grandmother's House" – 5:39
  2. "When Manhattan Was A Maiden" – 5:21

When Manhattan Was A Maiden[edit]

When Manhattan Was A Maiden is a song that was the original inspiration and title for what is now known as The Bedroom Tapes. As the concept of the album evolved, the song was ultimately dropped, and was never commercially released. In 2002, Simon posted the original demo of the song on her official website for streaming.[10]

The song was included on the 2015 re-release of the album.


"Peter Calo" - guitar

  • Larry Ciancia - drums
  • Andrew Felluss - engineer
  • Frank Filipetti - engineer, mixing, producer
  • John Forté - background vocals
  • Steve Gadd - drums, guest artist
  • Tony Garnier - bass
  • Teese Gohl - arranger, conductor, Hammond organ, producer, programming
  • Aaron Heick - saxophone
  • Mindy Jostyn - violin
  • Stuart Kimball - acoustic guitar, electric guitar
  • Michael Lockwood - acoustic guitar
  • Peter Moshay - studio arrangements
  • The Rankin Sisters - guest artist
  • Carly Simon - engineer, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, liner notes, primary artist, producer
  • Jason Stasium - engineer
  • Ben Taylor - guest artist, background vocals
  • Ed Tuton - engineer
  • Mark Wilder - mastering
  • T-bone wolk - Bass, Guest Artist


Album - Billboard (North America)

Year Chart Position
2000 The Billboard 200 90


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