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The Bedtime Record is a defunct record label that began in Chattanooga, TN in 1997 by Jake Cunningham. The label was born from an idea to release 7" compilations with four bands on each record, two from the United States and two from Europe. All releases were limited edition (500 - 1000 copies) in vinyl format. The label also released several 7" singles and a 10" split. The bands included Golden, The Microphones,[1] Wookieback, Orange Cake Mix, Bob Hund, Le Mans,[2] Spring, Dent, The Ruby Dare and Fegan among others.

Many of the bands featured in these releases were in the early stages of their musical careers and went on to gain wider recognition. Most notably, Phil Elvrum of The Microphones released his critically acclaimed album The Glow Pt. 2, which received a 9.1 rating from[3] Two members of Washington, DC's Golden went on to form the international Benga-rock band Extra Golden and sign to Thrill Jockey Records. In 2007, Extra Golden gained much attention when two of their Kenyan members had visa issues prior to the Chicago World Music Festival. Then-Senator Barack Obama stepped in to help the two musicians gain permission to enter the US.[4] Wookieback leader, John Ringhofer, released multiple records as Half-Handed Cloud, as well as collaborations with Sufjan Stevens and Daniel Smith of Danielson and Sounds Familyre.[5]


The Microphones
Orange Cake Mix
Bob Hund
Philemon Arthur and the Dung
Le Mans
The Ruby Dare

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