The Beggar Student (1936 film)

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The Beggar Student
Directed by Georg Jacoby
Produced by Max Pfeiffer
Written by Karl Millöcker (operetta)
Lotte Neumann
Walter Wassermann
Starring Fritz Kampers
Harry Hardt
Ida Wüst
Marika Rökk
Music by Alois Melichar
Cinematography Ewald Daub
Edited by Herbert B. Fredersdorf
Distributed by UFA
Release dates
7 August 1936
Running time
95 minutes
Country Nazi Germany
Language German

The Beggar Student (German:Der Bettelstudent) is a 1936 German operetta film directed by Georg Jacoby and starring Fritz Kampers, Harry Hardt and Ida Wüst.[1] It is an adaptation of the 1882 operetta Der Bettelstudent.



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