The Belgrade Phantom

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The Belgrade Phantom
Directed by Jovan B. Todorović
Starring Milutin Milošević
Radoslav Milenković
Marko Živić
Nada Macanković
Running time
82 Min
Country Serbia
Language Serbian

The Belgrade Phantom (Serbian: Београдски фантом, translit. Beogradski fantom) is a Serbian Historical, Drama, Thriller, Documentary film directed by Jovan B. Todorović. It was released in 2009.

This film combines archival television footage, and current interviews with witnesses and participants of the events from 1979, as well as acting scenes.


The film is about Vlada Vasiljević, a citizen of Belgrade, that in 1979 stole a white Porsche-Targa 911-s, and then, for about ten evenings drove the police crazy with his reckless driving to the Slavija Square. During an official visit of the president Tito to Cuba in 1979, the attention of the capital was directed to the Phantom in the white Porsche. The Mysterious driver that drove like crazy in a stolen car over the square Slavija made in the midnight hours a real spectacle, constantly managed to get away from the police. Over the radio he openly called the police to catch him, which was the first oppositional act in the post-war Yugoslavia. Several tens of thousand people went on the streets to support him.


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