The Bell Curve Debate (book)

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The Bell Curve Debate: History, Documents, Opinions
Author Russell Jacoby, Naomi Glauberman, editors
Publisher Random House
Publication date
Media type Softcover
Pages 720
ISBN ISBN 0-8129-2587-4
OCLC 31969295
305.9/082 20
LC Class BF431 .B3748 1995

The Bell Curve Debate is a response to The Bell Curve, by Richard J. Herrnstein and Charles Murray. It includes 81 articles by 81 authors including K. Anthony Appiah, Gregg Easterbrook, Howard Gardner, Eugene D. Genovese, Nathan Glazer, Stephen Jay Gould, Bob Herbert, Christopher Hitchens, Irving Louis Horowitz, Arthur Jensen, Leon J. Kamin, Charles Lane, Glenn C. Loury, Nell Irvin Painter, Hugh Pearson, Adolph Reed Jr., Carl Rowan, Alan Ryan, Brent Staples, Ellen Willis, and Christopher Winship.

The Bell Curve Debate: History, Documents, Opinions is edited by University of California, Los Angeles historian Russell Jacoby and writer Naomi Glauberman. The publisher, Times Books, describes The Bell Curve Debate as a compilation of "the best of recent reviews and essays, and salient documents drawn from the curious history of this heated debate" capturing "the fervor, anger, and scope of an almost unprecedented national argument over the very idea of democracy and the possibility of a tolerant, multiracial America. It is an essential companion and answer to The Bell Curve and provides scholarship and polemic from every point of view."

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