The Bells (Aalto)

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The Bells
Finnish: Kellot
Ilmari Aalto -The Bells, 1914.jpg
ArtistIlmari Aalto
Year1914 (1914)
Mediumoil on canvas
Dimensions50 cm × 40 cm (20 in × 16 in)
LocationAteneum, Helsinki

The Bells (Kellot) is an oil painting on canvas by Finnish artist Ilmari Aalto from 1914.


It is 50 × 40 cm. It is in the collection of the Ateneum Art Museum since 1971.[1]


The painting of blue, brown and white colors in the form of time and repeating the line than would describe the musical side of the painting. It is light, easy cheerful melodious kind of painting as.[2]

The painting has similarities with the Russian Cubism. St. Petersburg avant-garde made a breakthrough around since 1908 from its different forms, and this art Aalto was one of the main examine, as the Finnish Art Society drawing school students had used to do field trips to St. Petersburg. Russian artist Vassily Kandinsky's art and writings of musicality. Also, Sergei Rachmaninov's Bells choral symphony was premiered in December 1913 in Russia, which is an interesting wave clock-work in terms of information.[2]

Helsinki were seen Campendonckin Music-names of paintings Der Blaue Reiter exhibition this before.[2]

Aalto's Art[edit]

Ilmari Aalto was inspired by Cubism just a few years, the period 1914-1916, as a young artist. cubism came to St. Petersburg to Finland, in addition to many influences through.[clarification needed] Finnish artist friends brought in those times of books and magazines from abroad, but it was also a variety of external lecturers mm in Helsinki. Norwegian Jens Thiis in 1913. Important were also organized in Helsinki in 1914, the exhibition, which was organized by Berlin's Der Sturm Gallery. In that exhibition was to present both Russian and German avant.[2]


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  • Teos Suomen Kansallisgallerian sivulla: Kokoelmat: Kellot. [1]