The Berkeley Institute

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The Berkeley Institute
The Berkeley Institute is located in Bermuda
The Berkeley Institute
The Berkeley Institute
26 Berkeley Rd, HM09
Pembroke Parish
CoordinatesCoordinates: 32°18′10″N 64°47′38″W / 32.3029°N 64.7940°W / 32.3029; -64.7940
School typeSenior School
MottoRespice Finem!
(Consider The End!)
FoundedSeptember 6, 1897
PrincipalMs. Keisha L. Douglas
EnrollmentApprox. 500 students

The Berkeley Institute is a public senior high school in Pembroke Parish, Bermuda. As of 2016 it has about 500 students.[1][2]

It was established in 1897. It was originally located in the Samaritan's Hall, but in 1902 it moved to its current location.[1] It is one of two public senior schools in the territory.[3]


An early photo of the Samaritan's Hall

The Princess Royal Union Lodge, also known as Samaritan's Hall, was established in 1899.[4] Since its creation, the lodge has served as a school, a church meeting place, a youth club, a concert hall, and a meeting place for members of the lodge. Shortly after the lodge was created, the school was moved to its current location.


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