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The Berry
Type Political Newspaper
Format Online
Owner(s) The Berry Society
Founded 2005
Political alignment Impartial
Headquarters Cambridge University

The Berry is the only political newspaper at Cambridge University, England. In its print form, like The Cambridge Student and Varsity it had a distribution of 10,000. In 2009-10 it was relaunched as an online newspaper, 'The Berry Online', providing Cambridge students with their only regular forum for political debate.


The paper was created to address the concerns of students of all political beliefs.[1] Originally a joint project between CULC and CUCA, the paper has expanded to include contributors from all political persuasions. It aims to remain unbiased while removing the anti-political slant of so much modern media.

In the past, the Cambridge Union was seen as being relatively right wing (see Cambridge Mafia) and the Cambridge University Students' Union seen as left wing.[2] In this context, the Berry's pan-political project is one which self-consciously attempts to broaden political debate outside any one traditional constituency.


The paper was launched in October, 2005, by Laurie Fitzjohn-Sykes, then chairman of CUCA, to challenge the political apathy then prevalent among the university's students. After financial difficulty it was relaunched by Roland Foxcroft in 2006.[3] While originally drawing writers from CULC and CUCA, the paper soon diversified to include contributors who were members of the other political parties and those who were members of none at all.

Contributors have included Jeroen van der Veer (CEO of Shell), Mark Lloyd Davis (Conservative Party Health Advisor and Parliamentary Candidate) and Tony Benn (former Labour MP).[4]

Charles Read (Christ's College) and Edward Winfield (Peterhouse) took over as editors in the 2010-11 academic year, seeking to increase readership and awareness of the newspaper.

The current editor is Luke Fernandes (Christ's College). In the summer of 2012, The Berry suspended publication because of financial difficulties.


The Berry is published entirely by a team of volunteers, who are students at Cambridge University. It is completely funded by advertisements and donations.


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