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The Best American Nonrequired Reading was a yearly anthology of fiction and nonfiction selected annually by high school students in California and Michigan through 826 Valencia and 826michigan.[1][2][3] The volume was part of The Best American Series and was initially edited by Dave Eggers.[4] In the editor's note to the 2013 volume, Eggers stated that the 12th edition would be his last as editor. The 2014 volume was edited by Daniel Handler, a.k.a. Lemony Snicket. The 2019 was the last volume as it has been discontinued by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt.[5]

Series summary[edit]

The Best American Nonrequired Reading
Year Edition Editor Series Editor Introduction Cover Artist
2002 1st Dave Eggers Dave Eggers J. Otto Seibold
2003 2nd Dave Eggers Zadie Smith Daniel Clowes
2004 3rd Dave Eggers Viggo Mortensen Adrian Tomine
2005 4th Dave Eggers Beck Tony Millionaire
2006 5th Dave Eggers Matt Groening Art Spiegelman
2007 6th Dave Eggers Sufjan Stevens Carson Ellis
2008 7th Dave Eggers Judy Blume Barry McGee
2009 8th Dave Eggers Marjane Satrapi Banksy
2010 9th Dave Eggers David Sedaris Maurice Sendak
2011 10th Dave Eggers Guillermo del Toro William Joyce
2012 11th Dave Eggers Ray Bradbury Brian Selznick
2013 12th Dave Eggers Walter Mosley Camille Rose Garcia
2014 13th Daniel Handler 826 National Lemony Snicket Roman Muradov
2015 14th Adam Johnson 826 National Adam Johnson Eric Nyquist
2016 15th Rachel Kushner 826 National Rachel Kushner Jillian Tamaki
2017 16th Sarah Vowell 826 National Sarah Vowell Kenard Pak
2018 17th Sheila Heti 826 National Sheila Heti Tommi Parrish
2019 18th Edan Lepucki 826 National Edan Lepucki Molly Egan

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