The Best Bits of Mr. Bean

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"The Best Bits of Mr. Bean"
Mr. Bean episode
Episode no. Episode 15
Directed by John Howard Davies
Written by Flashbacks:
Rowan Atkinson
Richard Curtis
Robin Driscoll
with Ben Elton
Produced by Sue Vertue
Original air date 15 December 1995 (1995-December-15)
Running time 72:00
Episode chronology
← Previous
"Hair by Mr. Bean of London"
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List of Mr. Bean episodes

"The Best Bits of Mr. Bean" is the fifteenth and final episode of the television series Mr. Bean, first broadcast on 15 December 1995, consisting of a compilation of previous episodes linked by new wraparound segments.[1]


Mr. Bean and Teddy go into the attic in search of an umbrella on a rainy day. He finds one for Teddy, but when he finds his, it's broken and so he spends the episode looking for another one.

During his search, Bean finds various items that bring back memories of his old adventures.

Item Episode Segment featured
A drawing of an open mouth with "9.00" written under it The Trouble with Mr. Bean Bean goes to the dentist
A saxophone The Return of Mr. Bean Mr. Bean helps a busker.
An angel and two Christmas balls Merry Christmas, Mr. Bean Bean's Christmas with the turkey on his head
Bean drops Teddy through the hatch and is afraid to jump down The Curse of Mr. Bean Mr. Bean at the pool, and later at the car park
Bean fishes Teddy out with a vacuum cleaner Mr. Bean Rides Again Bean packs a small case for his holiday
A broom and a mop tied together Do-It-Yourself Mr. Bean Bean drives his Mini from the roof
A Bible Mr. Bean Bean goes to church
Black trousers with a stuck zipper The Return of Mr. Bean Bean prepares to meet the Queen
A Pink Panther doll Mr. Bean Bean sits an exam
The wreckage of his destroyed Mini Back to School Mr. Bean Bean's Mini is crushed by a tank

A running gag throughout the wraparounds is when Bean comes across a boomerang, and tries to throw it out of his way. Unfortunately, it keeps coming back. So he throws it out the window. There is also another brief scene of new footage filmed for this episode; Bean trips on a cable running across the loft's floor and pulls on the cable to investigate where it is coming from.

He soon realizes he is actually pulling on the television aerial cable, and therefore pulling his television on the floor below closer to the ceiling; he gets a scare by this, and quickly lets go of the wire, dropping the television on the floor as it smashes. Eventually, Bean then finds his umbrella, but the rain stops and the sun comes out. Disappointed since the time now became 7:00 am, Bean walks away from the window. After he does, the boomerang comes back and passes by the window.

Alternative versions[edit]

When originally released on VHS it was 72 minutes 00 seconds long, but later releases had the episode cut down to 52 minutes 39 seconds as 'The Best of Mr Bean', leaving out Mr Bean helping a busker in The Return of Mr. Bean, Bean trying to stay awake in Church and Bean sitting in an exam from Mr. Bean, and the newly released footage of Bean accidentally pulling his television aerial cable and lifting the television up from the floor below (and then letting go and smashing it).


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