The Best Bits of Mr. Bean

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"The Best Bits of Mr. Bean"
Mr. Bean episode
Episode no. Episode 15
Directed by John Howard Davies
Written by Flashbacks:
Rowan Atkinson
Richard Curtis
Robin Driscoll
with Ben Elton
Produced by Sue Vertue
Original air date 15 December 1995 (1995-December-15)
Running time 72:00
Episode chronology
← Previous
"Hair by Mr. Bean of London"
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List of Mr. Bean episodes

"The Best Bits of Mr. Bean" is the fifteenth episode and series finale of the British television series Mr. Bean. It was first broadcast on ITV on Friday, December 15, 1995. [1]


During a rainy day, Mr. Bean and Teddy venture into the attic to look for an umbrella. While looking for one, Bean uncovers lots of items that make him remember his past adventures, like the time Bean had to dress up himself on the way to the dentist, the time he fell asleep in church, when he had a Christmas turkey stuck on his head and even the time a tank crushed his Mini.[2]

Alternate version[edit]

The original transmission of this episode ran for 72 minutes, but later releases and TV broadcasts were cut to 52 minutes under the heading The Best of Mr. Bean. Clips deleted from the later edits included Bean helping a busker in The Return of Mr. Bean, Bean trying to stay awake in church and sitting in an exam from the pilot episode, as well as newly released footage of Bean accidentally pulling his television aerial cable and lifting the television up from the floor below (before letting go and smashing it).


John Howard Davies, producer and director of the first three episodes, returned to direct this final episode. Davies was also head of light entertainment at Thames Television when the pilot episode was commissioned in 1989.

Both versions of the choral theme tune are heard - the version by the choir of Southwark Cathedral for the opening titles and the version by the Choir of Christ Church Cathedral, Oxford for the closing credits.


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