The Best Of (Motörhead album)

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The Best Of
The Best Of Motorhead.jpg
Greatest hits album by
Released26 August 2000 (2000-08-26)
GenreHeavy metal
LabelMetal-Is, Sanctuary
Motörhead chronology
Deaf Forever: The Best of Motörhead
The Best Of
Over the Top: The Rarities

The Best Of is a 2-CD compilation album by the band Motörhead, released in August 2000 on the Sanctuary Records subsidiary label Metal-Is.


The Best Of includes 37 Motörhead tracks spanning the band's career from 1977 to 2000, including four previously unreleased live tracks recorded in 1981. It also includes three non-Motörhead tracks: Girlschool's cover version of Motörhead's "Bomber", a cover version of Johnny Kidd & The Pirates' "Please Don't Touch" performed by the Motörhead/Girlschool collaboration Headgirl, and Hawkwind's original version of "Motörhead", the song from which Motörhead frontman Lemmy took the band's name after being fired from Hawkwind. 14 of Motörhead's then-16 studio albums are represented, with March ör Die (1992) and Bastards (1993) excluded.

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Review scores
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Track listing[edit]

Disc 1
No.TitleWriter(s)Original ReleaseLength
1."Ace of Spades"Lemmy Kilmister, Eddie Clarke, Phil "Philthy Animal" Taylor1980 ~ Ace of Spades2:50
2."Overkill"Kilmister, Clarke, Taylor1979 ~ Overkill5:14
3."Bomber"Kilmister, Clarke, Taylor1979 ~ Bomber3:44
4."Please Don't Touch" (Feat. Girlschool)Frederick Heath, Guy Robinson1981 ~ St. Valentine's Day Massacre2:52
5."Motörhead"Kilmister1977 ~ Motörhead3:13
6."No Class"Kilmister, Clarke, Taylor1979 ~ Overkill2:42
7."Louie Louie" (Alternative Version)Richard Berry1978 ~ Louie Louie2:54
8."Damage Case"Kilmister, Clarke, Taylor, Mick Farren1979 ~ Overkill3:05
9."Too Late, Too Late"Kilmister, Clarke, Taylor1979 ~ Overkill (Single)3:26
10."Dead Men Tell No Tales"Kilmister, Clarke, Taylor1979 ~ Bomber3:08
11."Killed by Death"Kilmister, Phil Campbell, Michael Burston, Pete Gill1984 ~ No Remorse3:56
12."Metropolis"Kilmister, Clarke, Taylor1979 ~ Overkill3:37
13."Emergency" (Feat. Denise Dufort)Kim McAuliffe, Kelly Johnson, Denise Dufort, Enid Williams1981 ~ St. Valentine's Day Massacre3:02
14."Tear Ya Down"Kilmister, Clarke, Taylor1979 ~ Overkill2:42
15."White Line Fever (Stiff)"Kilmister, Clarke, Taylor1977 ~ Leaving Here / White Line Fever2:46
16."Iron Horse / Born to Lose"Taylor, Mick Brown, Guy Lawrence1977 ~ Motörhead5:22
17."City Kids"Duncan Sanderson, Larry Wallis1979 ~ On Parole3:46
18."Motörhead" (Performed by Hawkwind)Kilmister1975 ~ Kings of Speed3:06
19."Fire, Fire" (Live in 1981)Kilmister, Clarke, Taylor1981 ~ No Sleep 'til Hammersmith (2001 Deluxe Edition)2:47
20."Bite the Bullet / The Chase Is Better Than the Catch" (Live in 1981)Kilmister, Clarke, Taylor1981 ~ No Sleep 'til Hammersmith (2001 Deluxe Edition)6:56
Total length:71:08
Disc 2
No.TitleWriter(s)Original ReleaseLength
1."Iron Fist"Kilmister, Clarke, Taylor1982 ~ Iron Fist2:56
2."Heart of Stone"Kilmister, Clarke, Taylor1982 ~ Iron Fist3:05
3."Bomber" (Performed by Girlschool)Kilmister, Clarke, Taylor1981 ~ St. Valentine's Day Massacre3:38
4."Shine"Kilmister, Brian Robertson, Taylor1983 ~ Another Perfect Day3:12
5."I Got Mine"Kilmister, Robertson, Taylor1983 ~ Another Perfect Day5:26
6."Ain't My Crime"Kilmister, Burston, Gill, Campbell1986 ~ Orgasmatron3:46
7."Doctor Rock"Kilmister, Burston, Gill, Campbell1986 ~ Orgasmatron3:42
8."The Chase Is Better Than the Catch"Kilmister, Clarke, Taylor1980 ~ Ace of Spades4:19
9."Deaf Forever"Kilmister, Burston, Gill, Campbell1986 ~ Orgasmatron4:29
10."Orgasmatron"Kilmister, Burston, Gill, Campbell1986 ~ Orgasmatron5:26
11."Eat the Rich"Kilmister, Burston, Gill, Campbell1987 ~ Rock 'N' Roll4:38
12."Rock 'N' Roll"Kilmister, Burston, Gill, Campbell1987 ~ Rock 'N' Roll3:52
13."Dogs"Kilmister, Burston, Gill, Campbell1987 ~ Rock 'N' Roll3:52
14."The One to Sing the Blues"Kilmister, Burston, Campbell, Taylor1991 ~ 19163:12
15."Sacrifice"Mikkey Dee, Kilmister, Campbell, Burston1995 ~ Sacrifice3:19
16."Overnight Sensation"Dee, Kilmister, Campbell1996 ~ Overnight Sensation4:13
17."Snake Bite Love"Dee, Kilmister, Campbell1998 ~ Snake Bite Love3:35
18."God Save the Queen"Paul Cook, Steve Jones, John Lydon, Glen Matlock2000 ~ We Are Motörhead3:22
19."Shoot You in the Back" (Live in 1981)Kilmister, Clarke, Taylor1981 ~ No Sleep 'til Hammersmith (2001 Deluxe Edition)2:48
20."The Hammer" (Live in 1981)Kilmister, Clarke, Taylor1981 ~ No Sleep 'til Hammersmith3:08
Total length:75:58