The Best of the Eighties

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The Best of the Eighties
The Best of the Eighties.jpg
Greatest hits album by Grave Digger
Released 1993
Genre Heavy metal
Speed metal
Length 61:55
Label Noise
Grave Digger chronology
Stronger Than Ever
(1987)Stronger Than Ever1987
The Best of the Eighties
The Reaper
(1993)The Reaper1993

The Best of the Eighties is a compilation album by German heavy metal band Grave Digger released in 1993. It consists of music from their earlier albums from the 1980s. It also has a few rare tracks on it.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Heavy Metal Breakdown" - 3:40 (From Heavy Metal Breakdown)
  2. "Shoot Her Down!" - 3:39 (previously released as a 12"-single in Europe as well as on the American version of Heavy Metal Breakdown)
  3. "Get Away" - 2:59 (From Witch Hunter)
  4. "Paradise" - 4:13 (From War Games)
  5. "(Enola Gay) Drop the Bomb" - 3:25 (From War Games)
  6. "Back from the War" - 5:35 (From Heavy Metal Breakdown)
  7. "Witch Hunter" - 4:22 (From Witch Hunter)
  8. "Keep On Rockin'" - 3:04 (From War Games)
  9. "2000 Lightyears from Home" - 2:53 (From Heavy Metal Breakdown)
  10. "Heaven Can Wait" - 3:33 (From War Games)
  11. "Headbanging Man" - 3:08 (From Heavy Metal Breakdown)
  12. "Night Drifter" - 3:09 (From Witch Hunter)
  13. "We Wanna Rock You" - 3:36 (B-side of "Shoot Her Down!"-12"-single - different recording than the version on Heavy Metal Breakdown)
  14. "Yesterday" - 5:05 (From Heavy Metal Breakdown)
  15. "Don't Kill the Children" - 3:16 (previously unreleased, from Witch Hunter recording sessions)
  16. "Tears of Blood" - 2:37 (from Witch Hunter recording sessions, released on Metal Attack II sampler)
  17. "Girls of Rock 'n' Roll" - 3:41 (previously unreleased, from War Games recording sessions)