The Best of Crosby & Nash

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The Best of Crosby & Nash
Greatest hits album by
GenreClassic rock
LabelABC Records
ProducerStephen Barncard
Bill Halverson
David Crosby
Graham Nash
Crosby & Nash chronology
Crosby-Nash Live
The Best of Crosby & Nash
Another Stoney Evening

The Best of Crosby & Nash is an out of print Crosby & Nash greatest hits album released in 1978 on ABC/Atlantic Records. It features tracks from the artists' solo albums as well as by the duo. The album also features Jerry Garcia (Pedal Steel), Bill Kreutzmann (Drums) and Phil Lesh (Bass) sitting in on "Southbound Train" and Jerry Garcia (Pedal Steel) on "Laughing."

Track listing[edit]

Side one
1."Love Work Out"Graham Nash4:45
2."The Wall Song"David Crosby4:37
3."Wild Tales[1]"Graham Nash2:18
4."Carry Me"David Crosby3:35
5."Out of the Darkness"David Crosby, Graham Nash, Craig Doerge4:24
Side two
1."Southbound Train"Graham Nash3:54
2."Laughing [2]"David Crosby5:20
3."Chicago[3]"Graham Nash2:55
4."Bittersweet"David Crosby2:39
5."To the Last Whale... (A. Critical Mass/B. Wind on the Water)[4]"David Crosby, Graham Nash5:35


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  2. ^ Originally released on David Crosby's If I Could Only Remember My Name, February 22, 1971.
  3. ^ Originally released on Graham Nash's Songs For Beginners, May 28, 1971.
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