The Best of Crosby & Nash

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For the 2002 compilation, see The Best of Crosby & Nash: The ABC Years.
The Best of Crosby & Nash
Greatest hits album by Crosby & Nash
Released 1978
Recorded 1972-78
Genre Classic rock
Label ABC Records
Producer Stephen Barncard
Bill Halverson
David Crosby
Graham Nash
Crosby & Nash chronology
Crosby-Nash Live
The Best of Crosby & Nash
Another Stoney Evening

The Best of Crosby & Nash is an out of print Crosby & Nash greatest hits album released in 1978 on ABC/Atlantic Records. It features tracks from the artists' solo albums as well as by the duo.

Track listing[edit]

  1. Love Work Out (Graham Nash)
  2. The Wall Song (David Crosby)
  3. Wild Tales (Graham Nash)
    • Originally released on Graham Nash's Wild Tales, January 2, 1974
  4. Carry Me (David Crosby)
  5. Out of the Darkness
  6. Southbound Train (Graham Nash)
  7. Laughing (David Crosby)
    • Originally released on David Crosby's If I Could Only Remember My Name, February 22, 1971
  8. Chicago (Graham Nash)
    • Originally released on Graham Nash's Songs For Beginners, May 28, 1971
  9. Bittersweet (David Crosby)
  10. To the Last Whale... (A. Critical Mass/B. Wind on the Water) (David Crosby, Graham Nash)[1]


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