The Best of Dokken

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The Best of Dokken
Greatest hits album by Dokken
Released June 10, 1994
Label Elektra
Dokken chronology
Beast from the East
(1988)Beast from the East1988
The Best of Dokken

The Best of Dokken is a compilation album by the American heavy metal band Dokken, released only in Japan.

This compilation was the first official compact disc appearance of the track "Back for the Attack," which was previously only included as a B-side to the "Dream Warriors" single available on vinyl and cassette. Japanese re-pressings of the CD since 2009 have also begun including the song "Back for the Attack" as a bonus track at the end of the album.

Track listing[edit]

No.TitleWriter(s)Original releaseLength
1."Tooth and Nail"George LynchTooth and Nail3:41
2."In My Dreams"Mick Brown, Don Dokken, Jeff Pilson, LynchUnder Lock and Key4:21
3."Breaking the Chains"Dokken, LynchBreaking the Chains3:52
4."Into the Fire"Dokken, Lynch, PilsonTooth and Nail4:27
5."Burning Like a Flame"Brown, Dokken, Lynch, PilsonBack for the Attack4:46
6."It's Not Love"Brown, Dokken, Lynch, PilsonUnder Lock and Key5:01
7."Alone Again"Dokken, PilsonTooth and Nail4:20
8."The Hunter"Brown, Dokken, Lynch, PilsonUnder Lock and Key4:09
9."Kiss of Death"Dokken, Lynch, PilsonBack for the Attack5:51
10."Just Got Lucky"Lynch, PilsonTooth and Nail4:35
11."Back for the Attack"DokkenBack for the Attack3:51
12."Unchain the Night"Brown, Dokken, Lynch, PilsonUnder Lock and Key5:20
13."Dream Warriors"Lynch, PilsonBack for the Attack4:42
14."Mr. Scary"Lynch, PilsonBack for the Attack4:30
15."Walk Away"Dokken, Lynch, PilsonBeast from the East5:02
16."Paris Is Burning"Dokken, LynchBreaking the Chains5:09