The Best of Eric Burdon

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The Best of Eric Burdon
The Best of Eric Burdon.jpg
Compilation album by Eric Burdon
Released 2004
Genre Hard rock, R&B

The Best of Eric Burdon is a 2004 compilation album by Eric Burdon, re-released in 2008. Every track was recorded in the 1980s, except "Stop What You're Doing".

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Stop What You're Doing"
  2. "I'm a Wicked Man"
  3. "We Gotta Get out of This Place"
  4. "The Road"
  5. "Heart Attack"
  6. "No More Elmore"
  7. "Streetwalker"
  8. "Who Gives A Fuck"
  9. "The House of the Rising Sun"
  10. "I'm Ready"
  11. "Devil's Daughter"
  12. "Do You Feel It"
  13. "Power Company"
  14. "Dey Won't"
  15. "Boom Boom"