The Best of HOCC

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The Best of HOCC
The Best of HOCC.jpg
Greatest hits album by Denise Ho
Released November 20, 2004
Genre Cantopop
Label EMI
Denise Ho chronology
Dress Me Up!
(2003)Dress Me Up!2003
The Best of HOCC

The Best of HOCC is a Cantopop album by Denise Ho, released by EMI on November 20, 2004.


  1. 畸后 (Insane Queen)
  2. Happy Ending
  3. 一秒 - 何韻詩/方力申/Mini (One Second) (Featuring HOCC, Alex Fong, Mini)
  4. 迷你與我 (Mini and Me)
  5. 水花四濺 (Water Splashing)
  6. 天使藍 (Angel Blue)
  7. 勁愛你 - 何韻詩/Shine (Love you Heaps) (Featuring HOCC, Shine)
  8. Shampoo
  9. Ecoutez-moi
  10. 再見...露絲瑪莉 (Goodbye...Rosemary)
  11. 我會選擇C (I would pick "C")
  12. 兄弟 (Brother)
  13. 我找到了 (I found it)
  14. 絕對 (Absolute)
  15. 娃鬼回魂 (Ghost of a Ghost)
  16. 元神出竅 (Soul Out)
  17. 沙 (恆河協奏曲) Sand) (Universal Performance Piece)

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