The Best of Hanoi Rocks

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The Best of Hanoi Rocks
Best of Hanoi Rocks Cover.jpg
Compilation album by Hanoi Rocks
Released 1985 (LP, EP), 1988 (CD)
Recorded 1981–1984
Genre Glam punk
Hard rock
Label Lick Records, AAB
Hanoi Rocks chronology
Rock & Roll Divorce
(1985)Rock & Roll Divorce1985
The Best of Hanoi Rocks
Twelve Shots on the Rocks
(2002)Twelve Shots on the Rocks2002

The Best of Hanoi Rocks is the first compilation album by the Finnish rock band Hanoi Rocks. The record was released in 1985, the same year the original Hanoi Rocks broke up. The band's founders, vocalist Michael Monroe and guitarist Andy McCoy, would ultimately reunite in 2001 and reform Hanoi Rocks, until the band's final break-up in 2009.

Track listing[edit]

No. Title Writer(s) Length
1. "Two Steps from the Move" Andy McCoy 2:39
2. "Don't You Ever Leave Me" Andy McCoy 4:05
3. "Malibu Beach Nightmare" Andy McCoy 2:46
4. "Lost in the City" Andy McCoy 3:53
5. "Motorvatin'" Andy McCoy, Michael Monroe 3:14
6. "Underwater World" Andy McCoy, Ian Hunter 5:17
7. "11th Street Kids" (Live) Andy McCoy 4:00
8. "Oriental Beat" Andy McCoy 3:09
9. "Until I Get You" Andy McCoy 3:08
10. "Back to Mystery City" Andy McCoy 5:02
11. "Million Miles Away" Andy McCoy, Michael Monroe, Bob Ezrin 4:47
12. "Taxi Driver" Andy McCoy 4:15
13. "Tragedy" (Live) Andy McCoy 4:05
Finnish 12" vinyl edition
No. Title Writer(s) Length
11. "Malibu Nightmare" Andy McCoy 2:03
12. "Do The Duck" Andy McCoy 2:46
13. "Hometown Breaktown" Andy McCoy 4:07
14. "I Love You" Andy McCoy  


Chart positions[edit]


Year Chart Peak
1985 Finnish Albums Chart[1] 23

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