The Best of Intentions

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The Best of Intentions
IM3 TSR9207 The Best of Intentions.jpg
Code IM3
TSR Product Code 9207
Authors Ken Rolston
First published 1987

The Best of Intentions is an adventure module published in 1987 for the Dungeons & Dragons fantasy role-playing game.

Plot summary[edit]

The Best of Intentions is a humorously written scenario for Immortals-level characters.[1] The player characters are sent to find the missing immortal Mazikeen, and while searching through Mazikeen's 24 planes for his avatars, the characters discover a plot against the immortals' hierarchy.[1] The module includes a 3-D map grid that indicates altitude for use in conducting aerial combat.[1]

The player characters are rookie Immortals trying to solve a mystery of cosmic proportions.[2] The characters compete in the Olympic Trials, journey to the weird and multifarious planes of Mazikeen, and deal with other strange events.[2]

Publication history[edit]

IM3 The Best of Intentions was written by Ken Rolston, with a cover by Jeff Easley and interior illustrations by Jim Holloway, and was published by TSR in 1987 as a 48-page booklet with a large map and two outer folders.[1]


Jim Bambra briefly reviewed The Best of Intentions for Dragon magazine #131 (March 1988).[2] Bambra praised the module, saying "Colorful pregenerated characters, excellent staging, nice cut-up bits, inserts, and amusing Jim Holloway illustrations make this a real treat for would-be gods. The Best of Intentions is a fun romp through the mystical realms of the D&D game's Immortals Set. Miss this one it at your own peril."[2]


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