The Best of Motörhead (album)

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The Best of Motörhead
Greatest hits album by
Released6 July 1993
GenreHeavy metal, speed metal
LabelRoadrunner Records
Motörhead chronology
All the Aces
The Best of Motörhead
Professional ratings
Review scores
Allmusic4.0/5 stars[1]

The Best of Motörhead is a compilation album by the band Motörhead, released in July 1993. It includes 20 of their most popular songs.

Track Listing[edit]

No.TitleOriginal ReleaseLength
1."Killed by Death"1984 ~ No Remorse04:39
2."Ace of Spades"1980 ~ Ace of Spades02:46
3."Motörhead" (Live in 1981)1981 ~ No Sleep 'til Hammersmith03:55
4."Iron Fist"1982 ~ Iron Fist02:53
5."Overkill"1979 ~ Overkill05:10
6."Eat the Rich"1987 ~ Rock 'N' Roll03:40
7."Love Me Like a Reptile"1980 ~ Ace of Spades03:21
8."(We Are) The Road Crew" (Live in 1981)1981 ~ No Sleep 'til Hammersmith03:30
9."Rock 'N' Roll"1987 ~ Rock 'N' Roll03:48
10."The Hammer"1980 ~ Ace of Spades02:45
11."Damage Case"1979 ~ Overkill03:01
12."The Chase Is Better Than the Catch"1980 ~ Ace of Spades04:15
13."Stone Deaf in the U.S.A."1987 ~ Rock 'N' Roll03:34
14."No Class"1979 ~ Overkill02:37
15."Bomber" (Live in 1981)1981 ~ No Sleep 'til Hammersmith03:11
16."Doctor Rock"1986 ~ Orgasmatron03:36
17."Dead Men Tell No Tales"1979 ~ Bomber03:03
18."Built for Speed" (Live in 1988)1988 ~ Nö Sleep at All04:53
19."Over the Top"1979 ~ Bomber (Single)03:14
20."Orgasmatron"1986 ~ Orgasmatron05:25