The Best of N2Deep

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The Best of N2Deep
Best of N2Deep.jpg
Original cover
Greatest hits album by N2Deep
Released March 9, 1999
Recorded 1991-1998
Genre West Coast hip hop, Gangsta rap, Hip hop, Chicano rap
Length 77:03
Label Soul Town Records
Producer Johnny Z, Jay Tee, N2Deep, Lev Berlak, Ken Franklin, Funk Daddy, DJ Mark 7, Dave G., Mac Lee
N2Deep chronology
The Rumble
(1998)The Rumble1998
The Best of N2Deep
Slightly Pimpish/Mostly Doggish
(2000)Slightly Pimpish/Mostly Doggish2000
Jay Tee chronology
The Rumble
(1998) String Module Error: Match not found1998
The Best of N2Deep
(1999) The Best of N2Deep1999
Slightly Pimpish/Mostly Doggish
(2000) String Module Error: Match not found2000
2002 re-issue cover
40 Ounce Records remastered version
40 Ounce Records remastered version
Professional ratings
Review scores
Allmusic4/5 stars[1]
Allmusic4.5/5 stars[2]

The Best of N2Deep is the first greatest hits compilation and eighth album overall by rap group, N2Deep. The compilation was released in 1999 for Soul Town Records and was produced by N2Deep, Johnny Z and others. In 2002 the project was remastered and reissued with the same track listing on Jay Tee's own label 40 Ounce Records. The remastering was done by Larry Funk.[3]

Track listing[edit]

# Title Featuring Originally released on
Album Year
1 "Toss-Up" Back to the Hotel 1992
2 "Back to the Hotel" Back to the Hotel 1992
3 "V-Town" E-40, B-Legit Back to the Hotel 1992
4 "Small Town" Mac Lee, PSD 24-7-365 1994
5 "California Hot Tubs" 24-7-365 1994
6 "Somethin' Freaky" 24-7-365 1994
7 "Deep N2 the Game" 24-7-365 1994
8 "Day 2 Day Basis" The Golden State 1997
9 "Threesome" PSD, Mac Lee The Golden State 1997
10 "Situations" The Golden State 1997
11 "Parkin' Lot Pimpin'" Levitti, Miami, Baby Beesh & Rube of Potna Deuce The Golden State 1997
12 "Cali Lifestyles" Dru Down, PSD The Golden State 1997
13 "1st We Drink Then We Smoke" Miami The Rumble 1998
14 "The Throw" Baby Beesh, Mac Dre The Rumble 1998
15 "All Night" Roger Troutman The Rumble 1998
16 "Scrillafornia" Young Dru, Mr. Ropa Dope The Rumble 1998
17 "Wonderin'" The Rumble 1998


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