The Best of Nik Kershaw

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The Best of Nik Kershaw
The Best of Nik Kershaw.jpg
Compilation album by Nik Kershaw
Released 1993
Label Music Club
Producer Nik Kershaw
Nik Kershaw chronology
The Works
(1989)The Works1989
The Best of Nik Kershaw
15 Minutes
(1999)15 Minutes1999

The Best of Nik Kershaw (1993) is an album by Nik Kershaw. It contains selected 12 inch mixes, B-sides, album tracks and his hits. It is released under the Music Club International label.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Wouldn't It Be Good" (Extended 12" mix)
  2. "The Riddle"
  3. "Dark Glasses"
  4. "Don Quixote"
  5. "Monkey Business"
  6. "When a Heart Beats"
  7. "City of Angels"
  8. "Dancing Girls"
  9. "Progress"
  10. "I Won't Let the Sun Go Down on Me"
  11. "So Quiet"
  12. "Radio Musicola"
  13. "She Cries"
  14. "Nobody Knows" (Extended 12" mix)
  15. "Cloak and Dagger"
  16. "Wide Boy"
  17. "One of Our Fruit Machines is Missing"
  18. "Human Racing" (Extended 12" mix)