The Best of Rock za Hrvatsku

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The Best of Rock za Hrvatsku
Rock za Hrvatsku cover.jpg
Compilation album
Recorded 1992
Genre Croatian music
Anti-war songs
Pop music
Rock music
Label Croatia Records

"The Best of Rock za Hrvatsku" (Rock for Croatia) was a popular compilation album of anti-war and patriotic songs released in 1992 during the Croatian War of Independence. Some of the contributing artists had been popular across the then recently defunct federation of Yugoslavia, namely Psihomodo pop, Jura Stublić, Parni valjak, Boa and Aerodrom's Jura Pađen. These artists took a pro-Croatian stance as the breakup of Yugoslavia and the Yugoslav Wars began, while others such as Azra did not participate because they disbanded and because of Branimir "Johnny" Štulić's publicly known frustrations with politics of the time.

The album also ushered in some new faces who would become the first generation of distinctly Croatian acts: the dance group ET, rock band Thompson and others.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Croatia in Flames" (3:12) by Montažstroj & H.C. Boxer
  2. "Hrvatska mora pobijediti" (4:35) by Psihomodo pop
  3. "Moj dom" (5:08) by Dino Dvornik, Gibonni and Marijan Ban
  4. "Hrvatine" (3:40) by Novak and Kopola
  5. "Hrvatska mora biti slobodna" (2:45) by CLF
  6. "E moj druže beogradski" (4:13) by Jura Stublić
  7. "Pjesma je jača od minobacača" (3:13) by Mucalo
  8. "Kekec je slobodan, red je na nas" (4:30) by Parni valjak
  9. "Molitva za mir" (3:42) by Electro Team
  10. "Bojna Čavoglave" (3:23) by Thompson
  11. "Tko to tamo gine" (1:50) by Jura Pađen
  12. "Sloboda i mir" (3:43) by Josipa Lisac
  13. "Why" (2:45) by Daleka Obala
  14. "Zemlja" (5:50) by Boa
  15. "Can we go higher?" (6:23) by Nenad Bach
  16. "Lijepa naša" (1:50) by Novak and Kopola
  17. "Čekam te" (3:00) by ZG Glumice