The Best of Shakespear's Sister

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The Best of Shakespear's Sister
Shakespearsssiter bestof.jpg
Compilation album by Shakespears Sister
Released 22 November 2004 (2004-11-22)
Recorded 1988-2004
Genre Rock, Dance, Pop, Adult contemporary
Label London Records, Warner Bros. Records
Producer Siobhan Fahey, Marcella Detroit, Robert Feldman, David A. Stewart, Alan Moulder, Flood, Andy Wright
Shakespears Sister chronology
Hormonally Yours
(1992)Hormonally Yours1992
The Best of Shakespear's Sister

The Best of Shakespear's Sister is a compilation album from British pop-rock project Shakespears Sister, released in November 2004. The compilation consists of a CD of greatest hits, rarities, and unreleased tracks, and a DVD of their music videos and live performances.[1] The album gained notability for its inclusion of several tracks from their then-unreleased album, #3, which was only finally released six months later after a near decade-long delay.[2]

Track listing[edit]

1."You're History"Siobhan Fahey, Marcella Detroit, R. Feldman, P. Seymour4:29
2."Heroine"Fahey, Feldman3:27
3."Break My Heart (You Really)"Fahey, Detroit, Feldman3:31
4."Dirty Mind"Fahey, Feldman4:08
5."Waiting"Fahey, Maguire3:36
6."Goodbye Cruel World"Fahey, Guiot, Ferrera4:00
7."Stay"Fahey, Detroit, D. Stewart3:47
8."I Don't Care"Fahey, Detroit, Feldman, E. Sheamur4:25
9."Hello (Turn Your Radio On)"Fahey, Detroit, Guiont4:13
10."I Can Drive"Fahey, Hodgens, Stewart4:08
11."Excuse Me John"Fahey, Hodgens4:44
12."Can U Wait That Long"Fahey, Stewart4:15
13."Do I Scare You?"Fahey, Hodgens5:03
14."White Rabbit"Grace Slick3:02
15."Was It Something I Said?"Fahey, Muller4:53
1."Break My Heart (You Really)" 
3."Run Silent, Run Deep" 
4."You're History" 
5."Dirty Mind" 
6."The Russian Film" (feat. "Dirty Mind" and "Heroine" live in Leningrad, 1988) 
7."Goodbye Cruel World" 
9."I Don't Care" 
10."Cat Woman" (Live) 
11."My 16th Apology" 
12."Hello (Turn Your Radio On)" 
13."I Can Drive" 


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