The Best of Split Enz

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The Best of Split Enz
The Best of Split Enz.jpg
Greatest hits album by Split Enz
Released 1993
Recorded 1976–1983
Genre Rock music

The Best of Split Enz is a compilation by New Zealand rock band Split Enz, and not to be confused with History Never Repeats – The Best of Split Enz. Mainly featuring tracks from the 1976–1977 period, the album was released in the UK, the Netherlands and the US only.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Titus" [1976 version] 3:15 (Phil Judd)
  2. "Late Last Night" [album version] 4:04 (Phil Judd)
  3. "129 (Matinee Idyll)" [1976 version] 2:56 (Phil Judd/Tim Finn)
  4. "Lovey Dovey" [1976 version] 3:08 (Phil Judd/Tim Finn)
  5. "Time for a Change" [1976 version] 4:06 (Phil Judd)
  6. "Crosswords" 3:24 (Tim Finn)
  7. "Charlie" 5:29 (Tim Finn)
  8. "Another Great Divide" 3:40 (Phil Judd/Tim Finn/Eddie Rayner/Robert Gillies)
  9. "Bold as Brass" 3:29 (Tim Finn/Robert Gillies)
  10. "My Mistake" 3:01 (Tim Finn/Eddie Rayner)
  11. "I See Red" [faded out version] 3:14 (Tim Finn)
  12. "I Got You" 3:29 (Neil Finn)
  13. "One Step Ahead" 2:53 (Neil Finn)
  14. "History Never Repeats" 2:58 (Neil Finn)
  15. "Six Months In A Leaky Boat" [A&M 7" edit] 3:14 (Tim Finn/Split Enz)
  16. "Message To My Girl" 3:58 (Neil Finn)