The Best of The Warratahs

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The Best of the Warratahs
The Best of The Warratahs.jpg
Greatest hits album by The Warratahs
Released 1994
Label Pagan Records
The Warratahs chronology
Big Sky
(1993)Big Sky1993
The Best of the Warratahs
One of Two Things
(2000)One of Two Things2000

The Best of the Warratahs is a greatest hits album of New Zealand band, The Warratahs released in 1994.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Hands of My Heart"
  2. "Maureen"
  3. "Burned All My Dreams"
  4. "Drivin' Wheel (Live Version)"
  5. "Don't Ruin It (Previously Unreleased)"
  6. "East of Mt. Eden"
  7. "St. Peter's Rendezvous (Remix)"
  8. "Nothin' Ever Happens Around Here"
  9. "Bruno's Last Ride"
  10. "Taranaki"
  11. "My Friends Say Fool"
  12. "Ringing of the Bell"
  13. "Turn Around"
  14. "Down Your Street"
  15. "Fool's Paradise"
  16. "Akautangi Way"
  17. "Big Sky"
  18. "High and Dry"
  19. "It's All Over Now"
  20. "Tightrope"
  21. "Another Town"