The Bette Midler Show

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The Bette Midler Show
The Bette Midler Show HBO Video Cover.jpg
HBO Video Cover from RCA SelectaVision CED disc
Directed by Tom Trbovich
Produced by Home Box Office
Aaron Russo
Written by Jerry Blatt
Bette Midler
Bruce Vilanch
Starring Bette Midler
Release date
  • June 19, 1976 (1976-06-19)
Running time
84 Minutes
Country United States
Language English

The Bette Midler Show is an HBO video special of one of Bette Midler's tours entitled "The Depression Tour". The video is of her show at the Cleveland Music Hall during February 1976. The show features many of Bette's popular songs, such as "Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy", "Friends", "In The Mood", "Hello In There", and "Lullaby of Broadway" As well as dazzling the audience with her spontaneous wit with her 'Wonderful Sophie Tucker Jokes' and her special 'The Vicki Eydie Show'... 'Bette set out on another cross-country tour entitled 'The Depression Tour', which she hoped would help album sales of her latest album. The show, as with Clams, was very successful, and was turned into a critically acclaimed HBO TV special called "The Bette Midler Show." The tour also spawned the album "Live at Last", which to this day encompasses every essence of what a live Bette Midler show is like. Bette Midler, accompanied by the staggering harlettes, jokes, sings, and dances.'

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  1. Friends/Oh My My
  2. I Sold My Heart To The Junkman
  3. Birds
  4. Comic Relief
  5. In the Mood
  6. Hurry on Down
  7. Shiver me Timbers
  8. The Vicki Eydie Show: Around the World, Istanbul, Fiesta in Rio, South Sea's scene, A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes, Lullaby of Broadway
  9. Intermission: You're Moving Out Today
  10. Delta Dawn
  11. Long John Blues
  12. Those Wonderful Sophie Tucker Jokes
  13. Fried Eggs
  14. Hello in there
  15. Finale: Up the Ladder to the Roof, Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy, Friends

For further info see Live at Last (Bette Midler album)

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