The Bias Against Guns

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The Bias Against Guns: Why Almost Everything You've Heard About Gun Control Is Wrong
The Bias Against Guns (Cover).jpg
Author John Lott
Country United States
Language English
Genre Gun politics in the United States
Publisher Regnery Publishing, Inc.
Publication date
March 25, 2003
Media type Hardback
Pages 349
ISBN 0-89526-114-6
OCLC 51095536
363.3/3/0973 21
LC Class HV7436 .L68 2003
Preceded by More Guns, Less Crime
Followed by Freedomnomics

The Bias Against Guns: Why Almost Everything You've Heard About Gun Control Is Wrong is a book by John Lott, following up on his controversial More Guns, Less Crime.[1] It is intended to reach a broader audience than its highly technical predecessor. Lott explores what he sees as misconceptions about gun ownership, including the practice of carrying concealed weapons.

Main topics[edit]

The Bias Against Guns has two parts. The first explains what Lott believes is the source of false information about gun ownership. The second examines the issues regarding gun ownership, paying specific attention to topics that often arise in debates over gun politics.


Lott's book has been well received by those in the pro-gun lobby and amongst conservatives more generally. Two reviewers on the website National Rifle Association's Institute for Legal Action describe how Lott's book:

has thrown a monkey wrench into the plans to disarm civilians. Readers who understand human nature and the mechanism of deterrence will find validation for everything they have intuitively known. As Lott has done in the past, he does so again with an unparalleled intensity.[2]

Lott discussed the book in an April 2004 event held by the Frontiers of Freedom Institute, which was broadcast on C-SPAN.[3]

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