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The Bible Code is a best-selling book by Michael Drosnin, first published in 1997. A sequel, The Bible Code II, was published in 2002 and also reached best-seller status.

Drosnin describes an alleged "Bible code", in which messages are encoded in the Hebrew bible. The messages are purported to be hidden in the Torah, and can be deciphered by placing the letters of various Torah passages at equal intervals in a text that has been formatted to fit inside a graph.

Drosnin suggests that the Code was written by extraterrestrial life (which he claims also brought the DNA of the human genetic code to Earth). Drosnin elaborates on this theory in The Bible Code II, suggesting that the alien who brought the code left the key to the code in a steel obelisk. Drosnin attempted to find this obelisk, which he believes is buried near the Dead Sea.

Drosnin's book is based on the technique described in the paper "Equidistant Letter Sequences in the Book of Genesis" by Professor Eliyahu Rips of the Hebrew University in Israel with Doron Witztum and Yoav Rosenberg. The Bible Code makes numerous predictions and post-diction, such as the false prediction of the apocalypse in 2006, and a claim of "proof" that Lee Harvey Oswald was destined to assassinate John F. Kennedy.

The general construction of alleged "Bible codes" and Drosnin's methodology in particular have been criticised by mathematicians and others.

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External links[edit]

  • The Bible Code: A Book Review by Allyn Jackson, Notices of the AMS September 1997, who ascribes the Statistical Science paper mentioned in the article to "sloppy refereeing and poor editorial policy"; this review is immediately followed by Comments on the Bible Code by Shlomo Sternberg, who calls this paper a "hoax"; the American Mathematical Society is the professional society for mathematicians in the United States
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